Thursday, October 11, 2007

You're a homo....Tell someone

Well as gay blogs all across the nation are commenting, it is National Coming Out Day! Holy Moly Macaroni and Cheese the gays have their own national day! But I guess its discriminatory to the people who have already taken that step in their life. Oh well, maybe a National Gay Day maybe only a few years away. As I posted a few days ago I still haven't officially come out to my parents yet. Not a huge deal because they already know anyways. I really should be the big brave black woman I know that I am deep down inside and just inform them that their son likes hot, sweaty, muscular, manly men. Well maybe say it without getting into that much detail. Although I don't think I will tell them today only because I haven't had time to think about it much, and you really need to commit to something like coming out to your parents.

I do however want to tell my workmate. We have really bonded over the past few months. We both hate our job and want to quit pretty soon. He tells me everything that is going on in his life and I have to makeup stuff about stuff that is going on in mine. Its not fair to him or myself to continue to not tell the truth. He is very religious, but I think he would still be accepting. I just wish people would ask me if I am gay. It would make this coming out thing so much easier. But I guess my burly man image just hides it to well.*I wish that were true

So in the meantime I guess this is where I can urge others to take the plunge that I have yet to take. So go ahead, tell the world you're gay, and in about 8 months wear nothing but a rainbow speedo on a float and celebrate your outness at Gay Pride!

Just a little FYI for the heritage of National Coming Out Day:

National Coming Out Day was founded by Robert Eichberg and Jean O'Leary on October 11, 1988 in celebration of the first gay march on Washington D.C. a year earlier. The purpose of the march and of National Coming Out Day is to promote government and public awareness of gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender rights and to celebrate homosexuality.

Now go spread the word of the gay.

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Here's a great contribution from two lesbian women to commemorate the National Coming Out Day :
Coming Out in an Evangelical Church - Wow!

You can also go directly to Their story will be told in a documentary film. I feel this will be groundbreaking for the GLBT community.