Monday, October 29, 2007

I Love His Laugh

I love his laugh. I really do. This is going to be sort of one of those mushy lovey dovey posts. Sorry for those haters out there. Anyways. There is just something about his laugh that just makes my heart melt. I thought about this yesterday in the car driving home from DC with him. Everytime he laughed he just seemed completely happy even just for those few seconds.

The bf seemed to be a weird mood last night. A good weird though. After our drive back to Pittsburgh from DC we stayed at his place so we could watch the movie "300"*amazing by the way*, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters. I know I know. But we are gay so its ok. He was just in a big cuddly warm mood. I love when he gets like that. I am all about being romantic and lovey and stuff. Its just me. He however is not really like that. So when he is, I get excited and it makes my day.

So after I left his place to go back to mine I just thought about how lucky I a really am for finding someone. I read peoples blogs that are trying to find someone, and it just makes me feel so fortunate. The past 4 months have made me develop some serious feelings for him. I know at this point I would love to wake up next to him every morning and fall asleep with him every night. I want to be the person that makes him happy and laugh.

I am falling in love.


K said...


This post made me kinda jealous...not gonna lie. I am happy for you tho, it is always so nice to see ppl so happy.

Troystopher said...

I am so happy for you! I hope you guys continue down a path of growth and understanding! :0)