Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going Viral

I came across my love for marketing when I was a Junior in college. By then however, I had already declared my major for Business Management and if I wanted to switch majors, I would have landed myself another year in college. So instead of majoring in Marketing, I minored in it.

One of the latest ways to promote something is viral marketing. This new way of marketing increases brand awareness through the use of social networking and many times through online initiatives. Great examples of this would be movies such as Cloverfield and District 9. And perhaps the greatest use of this would be in relation to the TV show Lost.

I have come across some new viral videos online that have sparked my interest. Not only because this is an obvious use of viral marketing but also for the artistry in the videos. Some are claiming that this it to promote the return of Christina Aguilera or Goldfrapp. Whatever it is though, its definitely interesting.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bend Over And Take It

Two Pittsburgh guys started a podcast somewhat recently that I have found and I recommend checking them out as it gave me a good laugh. Its called Bend Over and Take It on itunes. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Song of the Second

Fusion of hip hop and techno...Definitely a hit!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the Northside of Pittsburgh

There is a home across the street from where I live that houses a family that appears to very poor. They have several children, I would say between the ages of 5 and 13. They are your stereotypical “ghetto” family in a sense. They have a few broken down cars in their driveway that sit on 20in chrome rims, sheets instead of curtains in the windows, a couple of Pit bulls, and have been known to blast their loud hardcore rap music with windows and doors open late into the night. This house constantly has a flow of random people streaming in and out. My neighborhood was once full of these families, however, a revitalization of this part of Pittsburgh has driven most of them out. They are one of the remainders on our street. Their house looks to be in shambles from both the inside and out unlike the other houses that surround it. I’ve never really had any contact with these people other than a few times when they either asked for some change or a light for their cigarettes. Both to which I declined to give.

However, over the course of the summer, I would see the children walking towards their house with buckets and milk jugs full of water. I would see them drop them off and their mother would be waiting with several more of them to be filled up. Since the summer, I have probably seen this happen at least two dozen times. So it became clear to me that they do not have running water in their house. This greatly saddens me when I see kids living with parents who obviously cannot afford to take care of their children.

When I left my place this morning at 7:30 to go to work I was expecting it to be just like every other morning. Nothing exciting, sit in traffic, arrive to work late, etc. However, once I walked out of my place and looked across the street I noticed one of their younger children, probably no more than 8 or 9, with several buckets and small cereal bowl, and he was filling the bowl up with water and then pouring them into the bucket. The shocking thing was that he wasn’t getting the water from a spicket, he was dipping the bowl into a deep puddle in their dirt driveway where water had collected from melted snow and rain. I stood silent and watched as this boy who was only wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt in 30 degree weather looked around nervously as if embarrassed to be seen. I watched as the dirty brown water was carefully poured into the bucket so none of it spilled or splashed out. In that moment, I almost forgot I was in Pittsburgh, and thought I was in a third world country where water is a rarity. As I walked to my car, I could see him look up at me and stop in his water gathering. He appeared to be taken back as not expecting to see someone watching him. I waved my hand as to say hello and he did the same. I got in my car and watched as he bent back down to continue to the process. I sat and watched while tears started to form in my eyes. I was just blown away from what I just witnessed. I then called my boyfriend whom is a guidance counselor at a school and informed him of what I saw and asked if this would warrant calling CYF – Child Youth Services to investigate this family to see if their home is suitable for children to be living in, which from what I have seen, definitely is not. He said he would call.

As I pulled out of my garage, and drove off to work, I wondered how a family could ever let their children live a life like that. How you could wake up every morning and ask your child to go get water from a dirty puddle to bath or wash clothing in. I think it is downright disgusting and pitiful. I am not sure if what I did was the right thing or not, or how else I can assist these kids. But I am happy I did something. It may not have been a lot, but I at least made an effort. This is much more than this child’s parents are doing.

I spoke to my boyfriend and was informed CYF was called and they will have an investigator visit the house within the next 24 hours. I hope something good comes of it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google is Bad for America

I recently came across an article that contained some pictures of the inside of the Google headquarters. As I clicked on each of the pictures to embiggen them, I realized just how not fun my job or work environment is. And then as I thought more about it, no other company is probably quite like Google. The idea of "You work best when you are having fun" is not something that is implemented by most, even though it really does make sense. Its disappointing and depressing.

I come to work each day with my dress slacks, shined up shoes, and dress shirt as designated by company policy. All god damn day I am uncomfortable. Every hour or so I have to re tuck my shirt in my pants since no one has yet to invent something to keep a dress shirt tucked in. I have to take off my shoes because Kenneth Cole has yet to make a shoe that is actually comfortable. And you know who I do this for? No one. I see the same people everyday and they all look as miserable as I am. Why does a company enforce a dress policy that inhibits people to not be comfortable. most companies operate this way. There is really no point to have you get all dressed up as you just sit in your cubicle all day answering phone calls and emails, but we will keep doing it just in case someone important, one day, far in the future, comes to pay a special visit to little ol me.


So now anytime anyone who is in a similar predicament as myself looks at Google and their fancy schmancy slides, nap rooms, and game rooms, try not to get too depressed. Because most of America is suffering just like you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome 2010!

My first written post of 2010 isnt going to be amazing. I feel as though I have lost most of the creativity I once had with this blog. Or when I think of something witty or creative to write, I normally don’t find the time or am too damn lazy to actually sit at the computer to type it out. I am going to however make every attempt possible to write more.

So since I last wrote, not much has changed. The holidays were just ok as was my 11 day vacation away from the office. I didn’t do anything very exciting and simply stayed up late watching tv and woke up the next day just before noon on most days. I spent a few days with my 3 younger brothers and parents which was less than exhilarating. I know when I am getting old when I cant stand being around my younger brothers when they are running around the house beating each other up. Their ages are 10, 14, and 16. They are too loud and have too much energy. They make me feel old. I did take them on a little outing and treated them to see Avatar 3D, which at that point I had already seen it in Imax 3D. Yes, I thought it was as amazing as most people claim. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you must, and you also must see it in 3D. Definitely worth it.

The Steelers didn’t make it to the playoffs sadly. So football season for Pittsburgh has come to an end. I do although enjoy this because that means less traffic I have to deal with since I live near the stadium. Here is me at my first Steelers’s game which I attended this year!
The bf and I have finally decided what type of dog we are going to get whenever it is that we get one. At first I was set on getting a miniature dachshund. Then I fell in love with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. However, for different reasons we have ruled both of those dogs out and decided on an Italian Greyhound. We decided on this dog because not only do they have very limited shedding abilities, but they are also good with children, and they like to snuggle up to people because they get cold so quickly. I have also decided that I want to litter train the dog. This will be better for the dog as we can let it roam the house while we are both at work as well as prevent me from having to wake up early to take it outside in the cold to pee in the morning. Best idea ever, right? The bf doesn’t think so, but this is a must, so there is no room for negotiation on this.
Now as for new years resolutions, I have the same ones for the most part every year. I kind of completed mine from last year. I gained the weight I wanted to. However, it wasn’t completely the type of weight I wanted. I gained a total of 30lbs since last January. This time last year I was a whopping 140lbs. I am now tipping the scale at just over 170. My resolution was to reach 165lbs. However, I wanted to gain it in muscle and not fat. I failed with that one. I think I gained both though. So I cant be too displeased with myself. I also wanted to grow some more chest hair. Which also happened. All naturally too! So thats fun! Here is me one year ago…
And me now…
So I will take that 30lbs that I gained and be happy with it. Now its time to trim the fat and muscle up the arms and chest.

See For Yourself

This is possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a while...