Monday, October 29, 2007

The Days After DC

Happy Monday! I am finally in the office for the next few weeks, other then for the next two days, so looks like I can finally start posting regularly again. WooHoo!

So. My weekend in DC went pretty well. Normal weekend overall. Dressed up in my referee costume on Friday.*Ill post pics in the next few days!* Went to a party where they had the strongest jungle juice I have ever had. Proceeded to go to Apez, the DC gay club. Good times. The manager of the club apparently is from Pittsburgh and somehow found out we were all from the Burgh. He gave us all a free shot of Tequila. This was the beginning of the end for me. I knocked back the liquid death and searched around for the nearest chaser. My RedBull vodka was the only thing I could find. Whatev, it worked. I didnt puke. Well not yet anyway. I almost must inform you that we were the ONLY ones in costume in this club. Apparently not very many people like to get in costume for halloween. Thank god our costumes screamed SEX. Otherwise I am sure we would have got weird stares.

It wasnt until I got back to our hotel that things started not to work in my favor. I walked in the door and unleashed my fury in the bathroom. I puked up all that nights activities. Jungle Juice, Rum & Coke, RebBull Vodka, and of course, the loved Tequila. Which is now on my hate list. I hate puking up liqour. It burns like the flames from hell. So me mixed with puking, being drunk, tired, and in a bad mood, for some reason all those things made me cry. I have no idea why. I hate showing that emotion in front of other people. My bf was there to hold my hair as I hurled up my alcohol. Luckily my hair is short so there is nothing to really hold onto. But he rubbed my back and continued to be a good bf. As much as I hate having someone eatch me puke, its always nice to have someone there still.

This is turning out to be a long post. Sorry.

The next day we went to DuPont Circle. Nothing to exciting. I could eat lunch or drink anything but water. My stomach was still up in arms over the endurance test I put it through the night before. Went to the gym in the hotel, yacked immediatly following. I knew that was going to happen but I had no choice but to workout. I was going to be wearing basically next to nothing for tonights costume. My wrestling singlet was so short my butt kept falling out of it. Eew. I know. But I have a nice booty so it wasnt too bad. I froze my ass off all night at the party. My group of friends costumes were as follows: Wrestler *Me!, Robin from batman and robin*the bf, a pirate, a sailor, and a fambloyant soldier. Fun Fun. My favorite costume at the party at our friends rooftop penthouse, was a man dressed in a muslim womans bourka. Yeah not too funny yet. Well he would lift up the bourka though he was wearing some really sexy womans underwear a garter belt fishnet stalkings and heels. What was he you ask? A Muslim prostitute. He kept walking around making those noises the terrorist people made after 9/11. Remember. Funny stuff. So naturally some really funny and completly inappropriate pictures were taken. Ex. Muslim prostitue giving head to a soldier. Muslim prostiture being shot my soldier execution style, etc, etc.

Night ended. I was freezing. The bf and I went back to the hotel alone! I thought we were going to have the place to ourselves. So we did what two gay men that are dating normally do. Until one of our friends walked in. In mid thrust, and my bfs legs in the air, we stopped. My friend was so drunk he didnt even realize what was happening. Fun.

That is my weekend in DC. Cant wait to go back again in two weeks!

And bloggers spellcheck isnt working so I am assuming I misspelled alot of words and now cant fix them. Ahwell.

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