Monday, October 22, 2007

Parents, Insults, and More...

On Saturday my parents and the boyfriend met. Everything went really well. It was only slightly awkward. My mom asked him alot of questions about what he does for a living, family, etc. Nothing about him and I. Thank God. I think he felt weird around my dad though. Apparently my dad wouldnt look him in the eye. I guess that could cause some uneasiness. My 3 brothers treated him like anyone else. Although they are 15 and younger so I am sure they still dont fully understand. Things got a little weird in the house so we went outside and played trampoline basketball where my oldest youngest brother who is 15 years old, proceeded to tackle the bf and take him out by his knees. After we won the game thanks to my amazing basketball skills we called it a day at my house and went to dinner. Blah Blah Blah. Nothing else really exciting happened. My parents were nice to him, and he was nice to my parents. And my dog got really fat.

So moving on to the insults portion of this post. I was warned by my boyfriend that one of his friends who I havent met yet, will probably test my buttons to see how I will react to their comments. Well I finally met them Saturday night and needless to say she pushed the wrong buttons. Its one thing to be funny and say smart ass comments. I can handle that. But when someone insults me, its not acceptable. So this girl said many things to me that made me upset. Not only did she say I am weird and dance weird *no one insults my dancing!*, but she said that my boyfriend can do better than me! Yeah I know! She is obviously a bitch. So she said those things and I was waiting for a smile or a laugh from her, and I got nothing. Actually, right after she said those things she just walked away. I was stunned and pissed. So on the way back home, I told the bf what had occurred and he proceeded to defend her!

I was quite hurt that he would do that. Now I didnt tell him everything she had said to me, because the statement that he could do better than me really hit my heart for some reason. So I left that out. So he continued to defend her and actually started to back up his defense by talking about how my brothers were tackling him while we were playing basketball. Stupid I know! Long story short he kept on asking me what other stuff what said and I told him. I think he felt bad after that, and assured me he doesnt feel that way and apologized. By that point I was already over the situation. But I knew he felt bad. Thats all that matters to me.

I am writing this post from Milwaukee, WI. Its not so bad here. I went downtown for dinner at a place called Kil@Wat. It was really amazing. It was very trendy and fun. Food was amazing. If you are ever in Milwaukee, check it out. It still sucks to be alone in a different city though. Eating alone and sleeping in a big bed alone really reminds you that you are by yourself. Ugh.


jay said...

Hmm, glad everything with the family went ok. yeah bfs and dads tend to be weird almost ALWAYS.

His friend was out of line. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Get over it.