Monday, October 8, 2007

Free Doesn't always Mean Good

Since Saturday was an absolutely fabulous day, the Bf and I decided to drive to the amazing Pittsburgh Zoo. We got stuck in traffic twice. Once on the way there because of construction. During this time I decided that he would love nothing more then to hear me sing and rap to the radio and my cds. He loved it. He cant wait for it to happen again. The second time we got stuck in traffic was because of the high flow of cars into and out of the zoo. I thought this was odd because I couldn't figure out why everyone decided to go to the zoo today. Well after finding a parking spot what seemed like a mile away from the zoo, we go to the terminals where the little zoo man cashier lady told us that it was free to get in. Then in dawned on me. Anytime anything is free you better expect to see people that usually live in caves and dumpsters. And not just a few of those people, but a plethora of them. Everywhere you looked, you could hear and smell these people. At one point I was counting the amount of teeth one family had. I counted 13.

It was way too crowded. It was the Bfs first time at the zoo so I wanted him to really enjoy it. It was hard when we couldn't get to the viewing windows because there were so many people. It doesn't help that he is a little on the short side too therefore he couldn't even see over peoples heads like I can. Not only was it crowded, but it was HOT as hell. It didn't help that I was wearing a new black t-shirt from Andrew Christian. I also bought a nice fun jockstrap. Sorry. I digress. The aquarium portion of the zoo was the most crowded. Way too crowded for the fish as well. I just knew the fish were laughing, because as ironic as it was, we looked like sardines smashed in a can. The fish loved it. We did not.

See what I mean. Free Doesn't always Mean Good.

I actually didn't want to end the post so abruptly, but I lost the desire to continue to keep writing.

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