Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Music Shiznat

My iPod broke. It only plays out of the right side of my headphones. So now when I am listening to it I tend to walk to the right to follow the music. I took it to the Apple store in hopes that being the wonderful people they are they could fix it. Sadly no. In fact they made it worse. Apparently my warranty ended a month ago, so they tried to load some new software on it to see if that would work, which of course it didnt. However, when they did that, they reset my iPod. It erased everything off of it. No biggie I can just sync my iTunes to it again. Nope. That would be too easy. I keep getting an error message telling me to reset my ipod. Which I do. And then an error message comes up. I cried. All of my roommates cats cried. We all cried together. And I cant get my iPod to work now. Shit.

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K said...

That is horrible....if I were you I'd check out the Apple Support pages at Whenever I have a problem with my Apple Gear (almost never) there is always someone else who has had or is having them same issue.

It is a great resource imo.