Monday, October 1, 2007

The Workout Plan

Today starts the day of a new life for myself. I have decided that my body needs some work so I finally purchased a membership at the Bally's in downtown Pittsburgh. All of my friends have amazing bodies and lets face no one wants to be the fat one. Although I am not fat just not very muscular like I used to be. I meet with my trainer today and I need to let him know I want to gain 10 lbs by the end of the year. I think thats doable but I am worried about what type of diet he is going to make me have. The motivation for me at least for this month is halloween. My group of friends and I are all going to DC for halloween. We each need two costumes and both costumes are going to be part of a theme. I know I know but we are gay and shallow. J/K, well sort of. The first night we are all going as football players. However I was chosen to be the hot sexy referee. After looking at the costume I know know I need to bulk up. However its not for that costume that I need to bulk up for as much as the one for the second night. I am going to be a wrestler for night #2.

So I am going to start my protein shakes today and my vitamens. I plan to workout at least 4 days a week. Hopefully I can accomplish my goal. I can build muscle pretty easily so I hope I can get the results I want.

Not only do I want to be more healthy, but I want to be more positive. I have found myself complaining and bitching way too much. I am going to attempt to let things go and try to not let things get to me as much. Being negative isnt very fun.

Wish me luck!

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jay said...

Good luck. My trainer pretty much told me to eat everything I could find lol.