Monday, November 9, 2009

Job Interview!

Due to the overall interest and passion in my current job declining, I recently started to apply for some new jobs in the Pittsburgh area. I just wanted to dip my toe in the water so to speak and see how the job market is here in the Burgh. Well after only applying for 3 jobs, I already have an interview lined up for this Thursday! I am uber excited for this opportunity because the job sounds like it will keep me challenged and it also pays almost double what I make now.

The job is in downtown Pittsburgh which is also nice instead of 10 miles outside of it where I currently work. It will be nice again to be part of the "city" crowd.

I have been lining up my recommendation letters from previous and current coworkers and have been going over the interview material which i have used in previous interviews.

Ill let ya'll know how it goes! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Office Full of Bears

So as I become better friends with the guys in the office and they ask questions about my dirty lifestyle, they have picked up on some gay terminology and have been using it on an everyday basis.

For example, somehow the word "Woof" was used and i tried my best to explain what that meant to the gay community. So now as you walk around the office you hear little woofs being said by surrounding cubicles. Its very quite fun and entertaining.

Today we went over the categories of bears, otters, wolves, etc. And we assigned everyone an animal. They seem to be quite satisfied with what we chose for each of them. I think I am what they call a muscle cub. Still not certain on that one though.

What are you?