Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Are you in a hottie/nottie relationship? I dont think I am. Now I am assuming most of you have no idea what a hottie/nottie relationship is. I didnt until my coworker *who I think secretly reads this blog since I am posting on it all day, told me what this was. It is when one of the people are hot and the other is not. See. Hottie/nottie relationship. We have all seen it. The beautiful woman with the less than average guy. We automatically think he is rollin in the dough. I actually was reading Dan Savages, Savage Love, when I read about a guy that is married but cheats on his wife with trashy, supposedly not pretty women. He was sexually attracted to people who were not what society would say was attractive. I just thought that was sort of intertesting.

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jay said...

Oh wow, interesting concept. I like!