Friday, October 12, 2007

Ex Boyfriend Dramz

Yesterday I received an email from my last ex-bf. Apparently he couldnt fall asleep so he thought he would write me an email at 5 am. To give you a little background info on him, we dated for 2.5 years and that relationship ended in this past January. He was a great boyfriend but I know things werent going to last for us. We were way too different. And we both knew it. We still keep in contact and talk to eachother at least once a week. Continuing on with the story now, his email to me was very long. He explained that he is still not over me and that he is having alot of issues with me dating my current bf. He wrote that he would take me back in a heartbeat if I ever wanted to. Long story short I told my current bf about the letter only because I want to be open with him and not hold anything back from him. He definitely wasnt happy about this email. He feels as if my ex is trying to win me back and is meddling with our relationship.

I explained to him that he is just having trouble moving on and told him that I would not ever go back to him and that he has nothing to worry about. I can definitely understand why he would be upset and so I am going to tell my ex to back off a bit because I dont want him to put a strain on my current relationship. Its not fair to my current bf or to myself.


Chad said...

I dealt with the same thing a few weeks ago, Mark had made a friend and he started saying things like "your so hot, to bad you have a boyfriend, to bad your not single"....shit like that.

I handled it calmly, but told mark that that guy had to back away, as I felt the same way your bf did.

Things worked out, but the friend did't seem to get the picture so he slowly faded out.

jay said...

2.5 years is a long time and everything does take time but once you're sure of what you want, the bf has nothing to worry about.

But do be careful what you tell the ex, cause he may see things that are not there.