Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Supplements and More Supplements

As I mentioned before, I have finally put my ass back in the gym. I lost almost 10 lbs of muscle since the beginning of the year and I knew I needed to get back into my gym routine. Halloween is only a few weeks away and I needed a little jump start for my body so it looks good in the costumes I am wearing. So last night I spent way to much money on a top of the line protein powder and a nitric oxide powder called N.O. Explode. I look forward to using both of these alot. My trainer said I can definitely gain 10-15 lbs by the end of the year in muscle if I keep up my routine. I have already noticed a huge difference in my body and I have only been going for 2 weeks. Bigger arms, bigger legs, bigger ass * I love a big booty. I thought about posting pictures of the progress, but I am deciding against it. Today is Chest/Triceps/Thighs/Hamstrings/Abs day. Yay!

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