Friday, August 17, 2007

A World Without Frappaccino

My life as of recently has been pretty boring. More arduous traveling. This week I was in South Carolina. Hot as balls down there. The average was 99 degrees during my stay. Funny thing happened while I was there though. 2 things actually. One being I think I have had my first good day at work. I actually enjoyed myself for the first time while doing my job. Of course the next day was back to the norm, but for one day I enjoyed myself. This wont have any effect on how much I still hate the job, and I still do plan on quitting soon, once I start applying for other jobs.

The other interesting thing that happened to me was I was somewhere in the USA where people have never heard of Starbucks! I know! Crazy crazy crazy! I was under the impression that Starbucks has become more then just a coffee shop, but more like an institution. The place where I frequent to get my grande' Carmel Macchiato did not exist in the parts of South Carolina where I was. This was a shock to me. And when I asked the waitress if there was a Starbucks around, she actually replied "Is that like a Wal-Mart or something?" I knew I wasnt in Pittsburgh anymore. This got me thinkin. I almost felt as if people who live in the middle of nowhere, where all they know is Wal-Mart and cows, are missing out in life. I feel like living in a metropolitan area or at least some place where the people out-number the farm animals gives someone a wider perspective of what the world is. When you live in farm country, you know only whats around you. But for some reason in a city, I feel I get a better idea of what the world is really like. And now that I am actually thinking about it, thats probably because you have the different classes of people, racially, economically, socially.

The Big Gay Apple

I am currently on a conference call, so I might mess up a few of my sentences, and I dont really go over what I write so I apologize for the potential screwups. In regards to "the boy", things have been going pretty well. I find myself wanting to spend more time with him as things progress, and its hard because not only am I constantly traveling, but I dont want to potentially smother him with myself. I am always worried about pushing too hard, going too fast, or falling too hard myself. I wear my heart on my sleeve which has put me in the past in shitty situations. However, everything has been amazing so far.

He is currently in New York City for the weekend, so I wont see him til Sunday. :( He really has been everything I look for in a guy. He makes me laugh, he is emotionally stable, has a good job, and of course he is hot. I feel lucky to have him in my life right now. In regards to being in NYC, I am feeling a little anxious for him to get back. I dont really love the fact that he is in the Big Apple, going to gay bars there with his friends who are all single. He is extremely attractive and always has people eyeing him up and down or trying to flirt. I always have trust for someone until they betray me. So I dont think he would do anything that would hurt our relationship, but I can still feel apprehensive, right? Or am I an ass for feelin this way?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

On the Upswing

Well its been a while since i last wrote. That is something that i didn't want to happen. So for all 3 of you that read this blog, I apologize. But i have had the week from hell last week, and an amazing and busy weekend.

Last week I was in Omaha Nebraska. Let me be the first to tell you to NEVER go there, unless you like to look at miles of corn and other miscellaneous crops. The fact that there was no Starbucks or a mall wasn't the reason that it was hell though. It was because that week i must have worked close to 80 hours and that i was stuck working with a gay hater that felt the need to use the word fag/faggot/queer in every other sentence. So needless to say it wasn't the most positive week of my life. However, through that whole experience it has let me know that I cannot continue to work for this company. Working with this guy was the icing on the cake and therefore have decided to look for another Pittsburgh. I decided against taking the job in DC and am going to focus my time and efforts on starting a life here in Pittsburgh. So I thank that gay hater who I spent 80 hours with for making that decision a lot easier.

This past weekend following the week from hell, turned out to be a well needed great time. I met up with "the boy" and his friends in Cleveland to go see a DJ called John Digweed. We spent all weekend there, and "the boy" and I had a some well needed time together. We hadn't seen each other for two weeks, and we couldn't wait to see one another. We decided to put a label on our relationship, so sorry boys, but I am no longer single. You had your chance, but I picked a winner. And a winner he is. He is great and I cant wait to see where this relationship takes us. Since I am in the dreaded Cleveland for the rest of the week for work he is coming to visit me on Thursday and so it definitely gives me something to look forward to in a few days.

As I sit here now, in a semi-decent hotel with a huge king bed, alone, and feeling somewhat depressed, I have a bright outlook as to what the near future holds for me. I will hopefully find another company to work for and continue to progress the relationship with my new boyfriend. Its actually weird to say my boyfriend since i haven't said those words without the "ex" part in front of them for quite some time. But I look forward to the familiarity of being in the relationship. It is where I feel most comfortable and most happy.