Friday, October 19, 2007

Meet the Parents

Quick Update:

Kentucky wasn't nearly as bad as I envisioned. I was about two blocks away from the University of Kentucky so I always had nice eye candy to look at. Within two miles was a huge mall and all types of restaurants. Cant complain much about my stay there. They actually have better radio stations there than they do in Pittsburgh.

Now, moving on with what the title of this post has to do with. Tomorrow I am driving up north to see my parents. No big deal. EXCEPT I am bringing the bf with me. I told my mom I was bringing him a few days ago. I prefaced that with telling her that we are sort of looking for a place together too*which by the way isn't happening for a while because of money problems*. So once I told her we were looking to move in with one another I told her I was bringing him with me to see them. There was silence for about 10 seconds and she replied "So you must really like him then?" I of course said I do and that's why I want them to meet him. I told her she needs to make us her world famous french toast for brunch. She agreed. Fun Fun Fun. This is the first time I am letting them meet someone while we are both acknowledging he is my boyfriend. This is very exciting to me.

It is not as exciting for my boy though. He is extremely nervous. I assured him that it will be no different then meeting a friends parents, but I can still sort of understand his anxiety. I haven't seen my parents since the beginning of July. I have never gone that long without seeing them. I really miss them and I cant wait to meet the person who is making my life happy now.



Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you. Enjoy it! Hopefully you have great things to share when you come back with an update.

jay said...

Yeah I can understand why the bf is nervous but it sounds like your mom is cool with meeting him so I hope all goes well.

K said...

Hope all goes well too! I don't think my mom would ever be that cool with that situation....but I can dream.