Friday, October 31, 2008

Walk It Out

Ok, I promise this is the last video of the day. The first time I saw this was when I was at Rehoboth Beach last year, doing a power hour in some random persons house. In case you havent seen it yet, its genius.

This Made Me Smile

Sorry again for the all the videos. But this one was just too darn cute.

The Real McCain

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Movin Up the Ladder

My boss called me on my phone yesterday while I was working on some orders, and he told me he needed to see me. I didnt think much of it. When I got to his office, was had some small talk and then he asked me to close the door and sit down. This is when I started to poo in my pants a little. Normally when a higher up wants you to shut the door, it usually means they want a blow job, or they are firing you. I began to sweat. he asked me how I liked my job and asked if I had any complaints about it or not. He then asked me if I wanted to continue to do it. I told him that it is not a job I want to stay in forever, but I am comfortable doing it. He then asked me if there was another job, that I was better suited for, and a step up from where my current position is, if I would take it. I didnt answer the question and asked him where he was going with the interrogation. He told me that a certain someone in my office wasnt doing their job very well, and that he called the customers that I do work with, to see how they felt about me. Apparently, they said I do a great job, I am quick, and if I say I am going to do something, I actually do it. So my boss offered me this other guys job! The other guy will either be fired or he will be demoted to do my job. How awesome is that!

So I obviously said yes to the job. Being I literally just started here 2 months ago, he wasnt able to give me a pay raise quite yet. He said when we would all normally get a raise, I would get a double one. And to save my ass just as a precaution, I asked if I could have that in writing.

So yeah, its crazy to think I already am moving up in my company right after I started. I guess thats from all my awesomeness!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Wow, I smell really bad today."

And which stinky person said this?

My boyfriend. Oh how I love my smellylicious man.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miscellaneous Chit Chat

I've had a bit of writers block this week so I dont really have the creativity to write an entire post on just one topic.

First things first. The weather in Pittsburgh. Ummm, well it sucks. Lets see what the beautiful forecast is for the next few days shall we...

Wow. Gorgeous next few days hunh? I cant wait to scrape the snow off my car at 7AM and stand in slush. Seriously. I cant wait. And considering I am on a heat strike in my house, I refuse to turn on the heat in my apt. Our heating bills are in excess of $400 when we use our furnace, so I am waiting as long as possible to turn it on again. So, you can normally find me like this.

Yep, with snacks scattered on across my bed while I watch horrible reality tv.

Secondly, Obama was in Pittsburgh yesterday and gave a speech at the soon to be demolished Mellon Arena. I sadly wasnt able to attend because I couldnt get out of work. But my boyfriend was able to wait in line for over an hour in the cold to see him though. I watched the speech from my computer. He called this speech his "closing argument". It wasnt anything different from what he has said in any other speech, and frankly I am tired of hearing either of the candidates speak. I want this election to be over, but I still want Obama to win of course. Which, with his double digit leads across the country, I think he is gonna dominate this election.

Lastly, My Halloween weekend was fun. My costume turned out pretty well. Although, my boyfriends was much more of a hit. I am a little jealous. We get to do it all again on this Friday. Now that I know how to do my makeup and what not, it will look much better. I will post pictures of everyones costumes next week.


Thank God I Have A Penis

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Weekend

Yes thank god it is Friday! I have a very exciting weekend planned. Tonight, I am having a group of friends come over to my place for what I am calling a "Frightening Friday Horror Movie Happenin" Doesn't that just sound fun. I am asking everyone to bring their favorite horror flick and we will put all of them in a bag or something and we will pick two or three and watch those movies. Popcorn, booze, and cuddling, will be had by all.

Saturday brings our first real night of Halloween adventures though. I am going to this event.

A long night of techno music, fun people, and rave surroundings, will be a great time. I will take lots of pictures throughout the process of getting our costumes ready. Hopefully my friends will let me put their pictures up on my blog. Talk to ya all on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sorry for all the videos todays, but I jsut can't help myself. Sort of like when it comes to dancing.

Presidential Hopefuls Krunking - Watch more free videos

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Artist of the Second

Lady Gaga

She rocks! She is a nice mix of pure pop with some techno sounds. It makes me feel like I am in pure music heaven.

Poker Face- Her new one

Just Dance

Most Ridiculous Argument Ever

And you know what it was over? You could never guess.

A dildo.

I never thought the day would come.

I will leave that argument to your imagination though.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Against a Wall

Well I can finally close a chapter in my life that hopefully I will never have to go back to again. I, after 4 months of not being allowed in my own boyfriends house due to the fight with his best friend/roommate in Rehoboth, has finally come to an end. Yes, I am finally allowed back in his house. *Gasp* What a long and ridiculous journey this has been. It wasnt until ultimatums were inflicted by myself, and another one of my bf's roommates, that things finally got done. I got tired of the situation, and could no longer continue to deal with it.

Sadly, the best friend only decided to let me back in the house after being given an ultimatum from the owner of the house and fellow roommate. It wasnt until he was backed against a wall, that he said yes. I was coming back whether he liked it or not.

But as for the past, I am ready to put it all behind me. I have been ready for a long time. I am ready to continue to be with my boyfriend and not have other people tell us where and when we can see each other. I dont know if I am excited or relieved at this point, but i can say that I am happy that things can return to normal. Thats all I have wanted this whole time. Hopefully, I will never have to speak of this situation ever again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

5 Addictions

When I found my name via Jackdaw's and Sam's blogs, I was happily surprised that someone was curious to find out what my addictions are. So thank you Jackdaw and Sam for your curious mind. Now when I sat back in my office chair to determine what my addictions actually are, I definitely became a little verklempt. I tried to determine things that I enjoy versus things that if removed from my life, would make me become sad or a raging lunatic. So here is my shot at my addictions in no particular order.

1. Love

Yes, I am in fact addicted to love. How Moulin Rouge of me. But being loved, giving love, and showing love are things that I need in my life. Nothing makes me more happy or sad when it comes to love. When I have someone in my life who truly loves me, I am the happiest man in the world, when I dont, I am not in the best of places mentally. Love to me is the greatest drug, and is definitely a double edge sword. Luckily, I have the profound privilege of experiencing love in many aspects of my life.

2. Chocolate i.e. Cake or Brownies

Nothing can cheer me up like a freshly baked pan of holy chocolaty goodness. I have constant cravings for chocolate, and smell it where ever I am, even though it may not be present. Which leads me to the reasoning to always have some in bulk around the house. It is not rare for me to have Oreos, brownies, and a six pack of Hershey's chocolate in the house all at once.

3. Sex and/or Masturbation

Yes, I cannot go more then 2 days without ejaculating. This is a very very sad truth, but it is my truth. When I am bored this is what I do. What I am sad this is what I do. When I am mad this is what I also do. Basically, I will find any reason to touch myself or my boyfriend. I make up special occasions just to have sex. For example, "Hey hunny, dont you remember this is the one year anniversary since the first time we went to see that DJ? I think we should celebrate by having sex." And with lots of hope, I cross my fingers he just says yes to fill my ugly addiction.

4. My Mom

Okay, its a little weird writing about my mom right after my sex addiction, but whatever. Since I was old enough to remember, my mother has been the focus of my life. When I started to realize I was gay, I wanted to be straight not for myself, but more for my mother. I wanted to be a normal hetero guy who will provide her with grandchildren and give her an opportunity to see me marry the perfect woman. I obviously now know she can still experience these things, minus marrying the woman, and I guess that has to be good enough. But with most of the bigger decisions in my life, I try to take into consideration how she would feel, hoping she will be proud of my decisions. I only hope for her happiness, and I honestly cannot wait until I am able to provide for her the way she has provided for me my entire life. I just want to make her proud.

5. Electronics

I tried to decide between my cellphone and television as my next biggest addiction, so because I couldnt choose, I will have an all encompassing genre. If I dont have my cellphone by my side, I honestly dont feel complete. Because I do in fact get roughly 15 to 20 texts a day, plus several phone calls from friends and family, I always want to be there when they come in, just in case I actually want to take the call or reply to the text, which I have to admit, I dont always do. And for television, If it wasnt for this amazing invention, I dont know what i would do on my down time. If I couldnt watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters on Sundays, or The Hills or Grey's Anatomy, I would be a little bored.

And because I just had to add one additional addiction, here is my sixth.

6. Music

Good lord what would I do without music. It dictates my moods; comforts me, further depresses me, and can put me in the best mood. Listening to a new Britney Spears or Tiesto song gets me rowdy and excites me to have a night out on the town. I can listen to some Snow Patrol or Lifehouse if I am sad, and sort of want to stay there for a while by throwing myself a pity party, which I currently am doing while writing this blog. And when i am mad or pissed off, Ill turn on some Nine Inch Nails or Three Days Grace. If I were left alone on a deserted island, I would want music among along other things. Music has a way of moving me and does something to me that nothing else is capable of doing.

So there you have it. My addictions.

Sarah Palin Sings Country

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank You For Letting Me Be Inside You

The best new pickup line is....

Hello! My name is xxxx. I was hoping to enjoy someone's penis this evening and you appear to have one.

Love It!

Monday, October 13, 2008


This picture was made by some anonymous blogger and posted on an open forum here. It is interesting enough, that although, the picture was taken down, the typical user of this forum are conservative red neck Republicans, somehow almost endorse this picture rather then condemning it. It makes me sick to think about people like this.

Over the past few weeks, during McCain and Palin rallies, people scream "terrorist" and "nigger", and neither of them say anything about these comments. And up until today when I saw a video posted of McCain finally setting the record straight when a woman called Obama an Arab. I think both of them need to let their fellow republicans in on a secret. Obama is not a terrorist nor is he an Arab. He is an American.

I cant help but fear for Obama's life if he does indeed win the Presidency. Scary.


Yes this post is about bread. White bread to be exact. I am writing about the all exciting slice of mold and yeast for no other reason but to bitch about it. It seems as though, almost every time I buy a loaf of bread, it is almost always stale even though the expiration date is a long time away. I eat sandwiches almost everyday for my lunches at work, and I am tired of eating hard stale bread. What has happened to the days of soft chewable bread that would sick to the roof of your mouth. Has the economy slumped so low that bread can no longer be purchased soft and fresh. I guess not. Sad really, cause I love a good ham and miracle whip *mayonnaise sandwich.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Night I Was In MTV's Real World

Okay, so I may never have actually been in MTV's reality show The Real World, but last night I had the opportunity to be "in" one of its past participants. Here is how it went down.

So yesterday, my friend and I decided that it would be a boys night out and that we would go out to the bars and have a few drinks. I normally never go out on Thursdays because it could interfere with Grey's Anatomy, and because I look like a tranny mess if I dont get a good amount of sleep. Its bad, ask my coworkers. So we decided to go out after I got done watching my show, and we go to the gay bar called 5801. We walk in and go on the outside patio and I immediately notice no other than Tyler from the Real World Keywest. He was the one who was not so nice to other roommate Svetlana. Now, I have to admit, I am a reality show whore. I cant help myself. But more than any other reality program, I have watched the Real World for the past 10 years of my life. I love it and it loves me. So, anyways, I notice him, and start flappin my hands in the air like a duck in excitement. This may have been the only time I have seen a "celebrity" in real life.

So there I am flappin away, and explaining to my friends who he is. The more I am noticing him though, I catch a glance from him every once in a while. It was the type of glance that said, "God, please let me have that mans penis inside me" He wanted it, I could tell. But my friends and I carry on our merry way at the bar, moving around to the different areas of the bar. It seemed as though the Real World bottom was following us. Weird. He is also so much more flamboyant than I remember. Definitely tranny material. Anyways, at one point he goes back outside on the patio and we stay inside. A few minutes later, we decide to go back outside and as we walk outside, he is pointing at me and saying "there he is, there he is" to his friend. I heard him and immediately began assessing what I was wearing and how I looked because no one wants to be pointed out for having a fashion faux pas or a booger hanging out of my nose. Neither would obviously be a good thing. A minute later he comes up to me, and says "I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that you are just so hot, and easily the sexiest guy here, and I want you to rim me raw." Seriously? Well I lied a little. He left out the rimming part, but I could tell he wanted it though. I graciously thanked him, and we introduced each other. But I obviously already knew who he was. But I let him believe I had no idea who he was. But inside, I was flapping like a duck again thinking OMG he is talking to me.

So we ended up talking for the next hour and a half, having a great time. The entire time though, people are pointing, and staring because they too recognize him. I asked him if it bothers him when people do that, and he explained that it most definitely did, but he understands it goes with the territory. A few people come up to him to verify if it is in fact him, which he does, and makes snide remarks about them after they have walked away. Sort of snotty, but I love it.

Long story short, towards the end of the night, he leans into me, and asks me if I would be interested in going back to his hotel with him. Which I gave him the "Sorry buddy" face and told him that I am taken and have a boyfriend. He got quickly embarrassed, and at the same time looked annoyed that, he just wasted the last hour and a half trying to get in my pants. He apologized for asking, and a few minutes later he left the bar, after telling me to add him on Facebook.

If I was single, I totally would have given it to him. He was a handsome young buck, and I wouldve done him, just so that I could tell the story. I wouldve gotten a great blog post out of it, and he wouldve had some great sex. Win win situation.

So yeah, it made my night, that he singled me out of every guy in the bar. Always a nice ego booster. Especially since I have been feeling really down on the way I look since I havent been to the gym in a very long time. But, young Tyler let me know that I am still doable. :)

Thanks Tyler!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Costume Dilemma

That wonderful time of the year is here when women get to dress up like sluts and their gay friends do as well. We will drink our faces off at costume parties and laugh at others costume attempts. But, this year, unlike others, I am having trouble deciding what I to do. I need two costumes you see, because one of the costumes that I have already decided isnt exactly the most appropriate thing to wear to my moms house. I have decided to go as no other than a scat pig. Yes thats right. Scary hunh. It is cheap and simple. I wear a black tshirt with iron on letters that say scat pig. I get some of the most luxurious Hershey's chocolate and smear it over my face, clothes, and hands. Envision two girls one cup, but without the girls. Yum. Halloween completed. Pretty fun I think.

I will wear this to the gay bars and such, because the gays will get it, and some will get hard-ons. But for clubbing and such I want something else. I have some ideas such as a cute soccer boy. I will find any reason to wear a jock strap. :)

Or a dead zombie prom king. Which by the way I actually won the prestigious title of Homecoming King at my high school as well as being nominated for Prom King but lost. Assholes.

But pretty much, I am just not sure. Any ideas?

That One

So did you watch the Presidential debates last night? If you did, were you able to stay awake throughout the whole thing? I was barely able to keep my eyes open it was so god damn boring. It was boring for so many reasons. First, they get asked the same questions. I have heard the same answer each time it gets asked. Let think of some more questions people. Secondly, allowing people of this caliber to have to answer a question with no rebuttal in under a minute is ludicrous.

Obviously, anytime you put a cat in the ring with a lion the cat is going to lose. McCain is a cat who has no chance of winning a debate against Obama. Barack is too articulate, too collected, and looks at ease on a stage. McCain is just old, decrepit, and his final days seem as though they are coming very near.

The polls show that Obama is in the lead by a wide margin. I dont think he can lose unless he screws up majorly. I think he knows this.

Congrats Mr. President Obama!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Post Debate Talk

Celebrate Pittsburgh

As most of you dont know, Pittsburgh is celebrating its 250th birthday this year. To help celebrate, they will be putting on the largest fireworks display ever held in this country. Zambelli fireworks is headquartered in Pittsburgh, so they are spending some big bucks to make this happen. Fireworks will be launched from 17 different locations simultaneously during the display. They will be launched off of boats, barges, bridges, and skyscrapers. This event takes place tomorrow, Saturday, and I am very excited to watch. Tonight, there is an Art gallery crawl all over Pittsburgh that is free to all attendees. I went to one of these last year, and I have to admit, they are quite fun. There are a few thousand people downtown that partake in this event, traveling to the 20+ galleries. How exciting!
I will be celebrating the Burghs bday with my best buds and my bf, sounds like a good time to me!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If You Could Choose...

If you would choose between Chicago, NYC, or Miami, to go on a short mini vacation in November with some friends, which one would you choose?

The Big Picture

I am the type of person that reacts without thinking. I am also a person who talks before thinking through what I am going to say first. This gets me into a lot of trouble. The bf and I had another one of our infamous fights again last night on the phone. It had to do with me telling him things that other people say about him. Over the weekend some of his friends whom I have met once before, were at the party I was at where we were all singing Karaoke. They had apparently heard about the relationship woes that we had been having and some of them voiced their opinion on how they are surprised with the way he has been handling the situation. And basically were quick to judge him on the decisions he has been making in regards to our relationship. Now because they are his friends, i wasnt going to tell them to mind their own business and fuck off. If they were strangers I wouldve done that. But because I want his friends to like me I decided on a less aggressive approach. So I simply defended him and his actions whether I agree with him or not, and I let them know if the roles were reversed that I wouldnt know how I would react either.

So when I told the bf that I had hung out with some of his friends and that they asked about the drama in our relationship, I left out that they also gave me their opinions on how he is handling the situation wrong. I did this because I dont want to start more unnecessary drama, and I dont want him to get mad/sad that his friends dont agree with him. So because of those things I decided not to tell him that part. But somehow, he knew i wasnt telling all of the story, and he called me a sneak and a liar. Which obviously hurt my feelings because I know that I am not either of those things. So because of that, I told him what his friends had said, and then just like I thought he wouldve, got mad.

After talking and arguing some more, he apologised for calling me a sneak and a liar, and argued that wouldnt I want to know if my friends were talking about me. Which I suppose that I would.

What exactly is the point of this post. It is that I really need to step back and look at the bigger picture of my actions. I am quick to react and assume what I am doing is the right thing, when in fact it may not be. My inability to this thus this far has caused a lot of issues for me, and unless I can start doing this, things will never get better in my life. Usually it isnt until my bf says something about it, that i realize that I could handle a situation better, but sometimes by that point, the damage has been done.