Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Another intelligent conversation between the bf, the crazy cat lady roommate(CCLR), and myself, about uncircumcised penises occurred recently. It was 2 against 1. The CCLR and myself agreed that they are not fun or pretty and should be snipped. My bf on the other hand is an avid fan. Now I dont have much experience with the penis that wears a permanent turtleneck, but I know the first time I had to touch one back in February with an ex, I had no idea what to do with it. I am glad I was drunk cause it probably made it much easier to handle. For the two months that we dated, I was never really sure what to do with all that extra "clothing". I think they personally look funny and resemble this. Now I dont knock anyone that was never clipped, and obviously some people have a liking to them, but I will always prefer a crewneck to a turtleneck.


jay said...

Um, ok then lol. Well I'm voting with the bf, if for no other reason than I'm not snipped.

I don't exactly understand the "you didn't know what to do" with the extra clothing thing lol.

But I did have my first experience with a circumcised penis a while back and it was odd at first I guess.

But I have no preferences one way or another but my penis does not resemble that image. hmph!

Reader said...

A penis with a "turtleneck," as you say, is no different than a "crewneck."

The only difference is that you are not welcoming of people being different.