Monday, October 15, 2007

Babe, Get the UHaul

This weekend was mostly uneventful. My friends came down from Erie, visited all the local gay bars. Blah Blah Blah. On Saturday night I got absolutely wasted. Being drunk is getting really old. I feel like I am the drunk one of all my friends. That needs to change. We ended up going to my favorite club Diesel. Its a straight club but they play the best music and have good ventilation. I dont know what I did differently when I was getting ready but I have never been hit on by so many girls in one night. As soon as I walked in and went to the bar, a girl bought me a drink and was hitting on me, before I broke the news that I put my penis in my bf's butt. She smiled said she loves gay men and when on her merry way to hook up with some other male whore. After that I got hit on roughly 3 or 4 more times. It was great. It always feels good to be hit on by a girl cause it lets you know you arent as gay as you think you are. So after 5 too many redbull vodkas I guess I was pretty belligerent. I guess on the way home from the bars to my house, I cried when Father Figure by George Michael came on the radio. *I of course dont remember that happening. I do however have issues of never knowing my real father, so it is possible.* And apparently I also said some other things to the bf that he wont reveal to me.

The bf really wants me to move out of my apt. He hates my roommate almost as much as I do. He hates the 4 cats that she owns and the fact that they shed all over my stuff. So he is always looking for new places around Pittsburgh. He knows I cant afford anywhere by myself and that I need a roommate. We both agreed that we would wait a year before we would consider moving in together. However, it appears he has changed his mind because he said that we should look for a place together cause "there is no point beating around the bush." Well I cannot agree more. I think we are very good together and we both want this for the long term. He found this amazing loft in a very trendy part of Pittsburgh that is very fitting for us. I really look forward to see how soon this happens. We are both a little strapped for cash at the moment, cause he just bought a new car, and my brother borrowed alot of money from me. But its exciting to think about starting a life with him, his ferrets, and a dog that want to buy once we move.

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K said...

Oooo exciting changes!

Just make sure you aren't rushing into things to fast tho.