Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ode to Gingers

I must let it be known that I have a “thing” for red heads. Until the last 2 years or so, I would have never thought twice about a Ginger but something clicked in my head that now makes them attractive to me. I still favor my dark brown haired blue eyed muscle guys, but I hold a special place in my heart for you pale freckled men. I read an article not too long ago that claimed that Gingers would be all extinct in the next 100 years. Wouldn’t that be sad if that story had any actual credible information? You know, I think that Gingers got a bad rep. South park calls them Soulless freaks and some people claim to be downright scared of them. And that is a shame.

I think my fondness of Gingers began when I saw this man on the big screen. Yes. Chris Evans! Now that is a man I could wake up to every morning. After Chris, came along Kevin Mckidd, who plays Dr. Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. He also gets extra kudos because of that damn sexy accent. And to wrap this up, my newest Ginger crush, Lynn Kegan. That name probably doesn’t sound familiar but he is one of the stars of HGTV’s Designed to Sell. And since I am building a new house, I watch this channel a lot. So its nice to have someone like this to look at.

I took a poll on my Facebook today just to see what other people thought of Gingers. And the resuls show that most agree with me of the hotness of Gingers. So all you Redheads, keep rocking your red hot selves.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Closets Don't Keep Friends

Today while wasting valuable work time on Facebook, I started to look through my friends profiles and pictures catching up on their lives which seem to be more fun than my own. I came across of friend of mine who is gay, but closeted, and also Republican. The Republican part really has nothing to do with this story but felt it was still noteworthy. This man is in his late 20s and refuses to tell any of his non gay friends that he is in fact gay. This friend of mine literally lives two complete separate lives.

Now this shouldn't bother me at all. This is my friends choice to live this way no matter how self-deprecating it is. And if my friend who is not ready to fuse his two lives together is not ready to do so, so be it. But there are just a few things that bother me. One is the fact that he doesn't just keep the fact that he is a homo to himself, but goes out of his way to make it look like he is straight and makes up lies along they way to make his stories seem real. Now I guess this is just another closeted Republican doing what they normally do. There was also another instance during this past summer, that involved the gay softball league we were both on. Which by the way, we ended up the Champions in our league. Woot! Anyways, our team was waiting for a field to stop being used by another league which happened to be a regular straight league. Well my friend realized that one of his coworkers was a guy that was playing on it, and he got nervous that they would see each other. So he kept his head low so no eye contact would be made, and he I remember he muttered out loud, "This is so embarrassing." I was really taken back by this comment and let him know how displeased I was in him being embarrassed to be on a team full of his gay and lesbian "friends". He then became quiet.

So back to his Facebook page, I was looking through his pictures and photo albums, and started to realize something was missing from all his hundreds of photos. I looked through a few more albums to confirm. The thing that was missing from any of his photos were his gay friends. Not ONE photo showed any of them. Some of us who he claims to be best friends with were literally scrubbed from his page. It then had hit me that he had untagged himself from the pictures taken at a dozen or so parties I had thrown at my house where he drank gallons worth of my liquor and beer, because he didn't want his straight friends wondering who the queens were in a picture on his Facebook.

This truly upsets and hurts me beyond belief. I refuse to be friends with someone who is embarrassed of acknowledging who I am in a public setting or in the non-social setting of Facebook. I played straight for too many years and refuse to do it again. I am going to have a discussion with this person to let them know how I feel about the whole situation and to end our friendship until he is able to acknowledge his gay friends.

This may be a drastic an unnecessary move on my part, but I value who I am too much to allow someone to take advantage of me like this. I will not be his friend when it is convenient for him and when his other straight friends are not around.

Do you think I am being to harsh or passing too much judgement on him? What would you do in this situation? Thoughts?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Job Interview Jitters

Well I have a job interview tomorrow. Actually 4 total interviews tomorrow, but all for the same position but with different people. I hate job interviews. I feel like I do well in them, but they all seem just so fake. I would love to apply for a job and honestly tell them why I am leaving my old job. I dont want to say "Oh, I'm leaving my current job because their is a lack of job advancement." No, I want to say, "I'm leaving my job because the pay sucks and I am highly undervalued, and the people I work with are worthless." But I am told that being THAT honest isnt a good thing.

I want to honestly ask them if the job I am interviewing actually sucks or they would enjoy doing the job. No one wants to take a job when they know it is going to be horrible. But you probably shouldnt ask a question like that. Everyone says, when you interview, just be yourself. But they honestly never really mean that. Because when you are too much like yourself, you make the interviewer uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, I really want this job. It is in downtown Pittsburgh, which when I moved to Pittsburgh after college is where I worked for a year for another company. Working downtown definitely has its perks, but has a huge amounts of setbacks as well. It does help that I could ride a bike from my current home and even the new one I am in building in just 5 minutes. But in the winter, nothing sucks more than walking downtown in the frigid cold.

I think I would enjoy this job, so hopefully all works out and it gets offered to me. :) Fingers crossed!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Take 2

This blog here thingy sure has been a boring POS hasnt it. I have put considerable thought into dropping this thing but as I read through my posts, I realize how much I actually enjoy chronicling my less than exciting life. So, for now, it has been saved. And even though I have said it in the past 10 posts, I really do want to post more regularly. I dont know if it will get back to several posts a day but at least a few a week.

Hopefully I still have a few people that stuck around for the rest of the show, otherwise hopefully I can pick up some new friends along the way. I do have some new things happening in my life such as the struggle to keep up with my dog which is still a daily hardship. My man and I have also started to build a house next to the city which in 9 months when it is completed should have a pretty sweet view of the skyline right from our front door. And hopefully a new job is right around the corner. Fingers crossed.

So feel free to read on through fellow readers. More to come, I promise!

Mucho gracias!