Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stop Asking me Questions Biatch!

Last night I was on the phone with a friend who I haven't talked to in almost a year. Its always sort of awkward when you dont talk to someone in that long because the comfort level that was once there is now gone. Its always nice to catch up though. So this friend is an old friend from high school who knew I was gay before I did. Apparently I looked at guys asses alot. Whatev. You do it too. So she is really quirky and weird and started asking me all these random questions about myself just to see how much I have changed. After answering all of them I decided I would try to remember most of them so I can blog about them. I will change around the question so it is more fitting for you guys.

Is my hair still brown? Yes

What type of shoes am I wearing? Diesel

When was the last time I had sex? Sunday....Twice

What is my favorite day of the week? Friday

Do I trim? *Wasnt sure about what exactly she meant about this one, but I said yes anyways.

Am I in love? On my way there

Am I a pitcher or a catcher? Prefer to pitch but can catch on occasion

Favorite fast food place? McDonalds

Do I still want to have sex with my friend who asked me all these questions? Always and forever!

Well now all of you know a little more about me.


jay said...

McDonalds? Really? I like McD's fries too.

Anonymous said...

Do You look like Channing Tatum? Haha.

You already answered that question over at K's blog, which makes me wonder how well of a resemblence you have.

Mr. Tatum is hott so what does that make you?

Anyways, I'll be browsing around your blog.

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