Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is This Thing On?

I blame Facebook for my lack of appearances here. That damn social networking site has taken all the things I normally would post on this blog thingy, which for anyone still watching this site, I am sure makes you displeased. But let’s be honest, everyone has probably given up on me coming back here regularly.

To give a quick summary on how things are going in my life, things are going well. I finally got the promotion at my job that I had been eyeing. So a new job and new salary always help brighten ones day. I also bought a new car last month. I got rid of my Audi A3 and bought a new Mazda 3. Not as fancy of a brand, but the Mazda has every amenity possible unlike my old Audi. The only thing I miss about the Audi is its speed. I miss having a turbo under the hood.

The house my man and I are building is coming along. They seem to be building it at a turtles pace which is frustrating though. All we have right now is a foundation, basement concrete walls and a concrete floor. And that has been done since May. So literally nothing has changed on it since then. I am not a fan of our construction company to say the least. Move in date was supposed to be middle of September, however I think it will more realistically be end of October.

My man and I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary in mid June. Quite the feat if I do say so myself. 3 days prior to the anniversary I celebrated my 26th year alive since birth. What a marvelous and crazy 26 years it has been.

Til next time readers…..