Friday, November 30, 2007

Blow Hard!

It is the boyfriends birthday today. He turns a big whopping 27. He is now 5 years older than I am. Sad. Makes me feel too young. I wanted to plan a big ol birthday bash for him, and he was against it from the beginning. So he invited a group of his friends out for dinner and drinks and 15 people will be attending. A nice turnout in my eyes. I wanted to get a bday cake for him and he made it very clear that he doesnt want one. Poo on him.

Tomorrow it will be a day for just him and I. I was planning on taking him to the Pittsburgh Aviary because they are currently doing some sort of program where you pay so much money and then you can play with the penguins. I was very excited for this because it is something I thought we could both enjoy. Well I found out that you have to make arrangements 3 weeks in advance. Which I didnt do. So now I have nothing to do for him but take him to dinner.

I cant think of anything else to write.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I know...He is Hot!

I try to keep up with reading all of my favorite blogs everyday. It is hard sometimes because it is very time consuming. The only time I am able to do this is when I am at work though due to my lack of internet at my house cause I am cheap. While I was cruising the blogs today, I came across a picture of a boy on Closet Frat Boy's page that looks so much like my bf that I had to do a double take to make sure it wasnt him lounging in his underwear. I have always debated putting a picture up of myself. I sort of like being this gay mystery man. At the same time I always like to put a face to a name or blog for that matter. I make up up faces in my head of what each of my bloggers look like. Its fun. So for now I will remain hidden behind my computer screen. But I will show you the picture of my bf look-a-like.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What the Hell...No Gay Jokes?

I am finally back at work and blogging after being absent for 5 days. It was a well needed break away from work. I am finally back in the grind of staring at my computer for 8 hours. My Thanksgiving break went pretty well. I was at my parents house for 3 days. Probably 2 days too long for my own taste. It was pretty boring for the most part. I have fallen out of touch with most of my friends from high school therefore I didnt hang out with any of my old buddies like I normally would have. Therefore I was stuck at home the entire time. My parents dont have much money and can afford only to live minimally. There house is very small so anytime any noise is made, it can be heard throughout the entire house. I slept in my little brothers room, on a bunk bed that squeeks anytime you move a finger or your heart beats.

Normally my brothers whom are all pretty young being 15 and younger like to team up and make fun of me. Usually it starts off by them telling me I smell then if luck is on my side, they remind me that I like to kiss boys. And I do. Alot. I have never had a conversation with them about my homosexuality. They are far to young to swallow that fact that their brother, well, swallows. But only if I like you. But they are too young to really understand. By them telling me that I am gay and that I kiss boys *if they only knew what I else I do to boys!*, I know that my parents have to talk about it when I am not around. I can only hope that when they do talk about the gay son that they do so in a positive manner as my little brothers are obviously listening. On a better note though, they didnt make any gay references to me for the 3 days that I was there. I was shocked and a little relieved. It always makes me feel a little uncomfortable when they do.

My mom asked about my boyfriend alot while I was there. I appreciate her interest in this aspect of my life. Although she still refers to him only as my friend because she just cant muster up the courage to actually say my boyfriend. Its ok though. Babysteps.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lick that Turkey Bone

I am driving up to my parents house today after I drop the bf off at the airport so he can see his parents. I plan on being at my parents house until Friday. By then I will be ready to pull out my hair because my 3 younger brothers ages 15, 11, and 7 will have driven me to the point of going loony. I am excited to hang out with my mom, my dog, and my friends from high school though. It will be nice to catch up with the friends I haven't talked to in over a year and also to see who has gotten fat.

I will probably not be able to blog until Monday or Tuesday because of this, so that's why I have been posting like a mad man to make sure you all have something to read. So I suggest reading one post a day so that will last you til next week.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shoutout to Martha

I got an email from a lady I used to work with at GE yesterday. I always really enjoy her emails as she is witty and fun. Martha is an older lady probably in her 50s, had a positive attitude, and quite an affection for boxed wine. She was my savior while I worked there. I had a large corner cube in a very dark room, but luckily I got placed right next to her. She is a huge ball of energy and has been with GE since she was was in her 20s. Packed full of knowledge I knew she would have the answer to my endless questions. Not only did she answer all my questions but she always gave me great work advice. Some that I will never forget and that will prove to be beneficial to me until I retire.

I can only hope that I am as positive as her during that point in my life and career. She came to work everyday with a smile on her face and an attitude that everyone would enjoy. And on every Thursday she would come with a cake, cookies, or brownies in hand for the whole office to indulge in. She made work fun and you almost want to come into work the next day. I want to be that person who makes their day go a little easier.

Just think how much more happier would be if you were the person that they enjoy to work with. Make them laugh, fill them with knowledge, and encourage them to work hard. It all pays off in the end.

Thanks Martha.

Songs of the Second

1. Ferry Corsten

Holding On

2. Marc Marberg


3. Dash Berlin

Till the Sky Falls Down (Dub Mix)

4. Sunlounger

White Sand

5. Leona Lewis

Bleeding Love

6. Justin Timberlake feat. Beyonce

Until the End of Time

Candy Coated Bullshit

I mentioned last week that I had an interview for a new job. Well I had my interview on Friday and although it wasn't amazing, it wasn't horrible either. I had a really bad cold then and still do. I called off of work that day so that don't infect everyone with my illness. My interview was just a phone interview at 11:40 in the morning. It started out well, but then my cough started to kick in followed by the sniffling. The interviewer could tell I was struggling. I could also tell she had a smidge of sympathy for me as well.

One thing that I was not to happy about was when she asked me what I knew about the company. Obviously this should have a been an easy question. However, every single job interview I have had before this, I have always done research on the company. I familiarized myself with their board members, stock prices, products, etc. But to this day I have never been asked what I knew about the company. Therefore I didn't do much research. None actually. I only knew one fact about that company and that was it. So naturally, I had to make up so much bullshit and make it sound intelligent. But I guess that is what job interviewing is all about anyways right?

I hate interviewing. It makes me sweaty and nervous. I am good at it but I still hate it.

I found out yesterday that I have moved to the next stage of interviews. I am not sure when that will be though. I will definitely remember to do some more research on this company.

Look at the Sparklys in the Sky!

One of my fellow bloggers, Troystopher, posted all the zodiac signs and what each represents. I thought I would share mine because I thought it was extremely fitting.

3. GEMINI - Irresistible(the Twins - 21 May - 21 June)
* Nice.
* Love is one of a kind.
* Great listener.
* Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out.
* Trustworthy.
* Always happy.
* Loud.
* Talkative.
* Extremely random and proud of it.
* Outgoing
*VERY Forgiving.
* Loves to make friends.
* Has a beautiful smile.
* Generous.
* Strong.
* The Irresistible one.

Monday, November 19, 2007

You Loooove Me!

First I would like to start this post by saying hello to my bf. He and I both know how nebby he can be, and as much as he doesnt want to read my blog, he continues to. Thats OK, I still wont hold back what I want to write and how I feel. Hello Dear, hope you are had a great day today! Everyone say hello to the bf. He will appreciate the comments.

Moving on to the topic of today. Sorry bf you probably wont like this one. Because of the fact that the bf reads my blog he obviously knows how I feel about him. He knows that I fell in love with him and just how much I love it when he laughs. I think love is an amazing thing. I think its rare and beautiful. It changes lives for the better and for the worst. I actually want to get the word Love tattooed on my side under my arm. Therefore I dont throw around the Love word often. I use it only when I mean it. I have only used that word with my family, a few friends, and only in one relationship.

I think when someone chooses to use that word in a relationship that it definitely should signify where you are within that relationship. When someone can finally be their true self in front of someone without worrying what the other person may think is a big deal. When I would do anything that I could do for someone is a big deal. When I want nothing more but to wake up with someone in my arms every morning thats a big deal. These are all the things I think of when I think of Love, well my type of Love. And I think Love is a big deal.

Therefore when I know I am in Love, and I want to tell my significant other, I want it to be a special moment. I dont just want to say it on the phone at a random moment or if we are just joking around. I said before that I am a die hard romantic. So obviously I have to make it a romantic moment. However, due to the fact that my bf does read my blog, he has brought it to my attention that he knows that I do in fact Love him. He brought it up on Saturday by saying "You Loooove me"!! It a joking manner. It actually caught me a little of guard. He has said it a few other times as well. He has not of course said it back. Fine with me. I want someone to say it only when they mean it.

I did not tell him how I really felt about him yet because there is nothing worse than telling someone you Love them and hearing nothing in return. I know the feeling is not that strong yet for him and I do not have a problem with that, say it when you are ready and actually mean it. Although I still have not told him I Love him, I have just said "Sooo" or just say nothing and smile when he says "You looove me". I can still have that special moment when I finally decide to tell him, but a it wont be that same moment I was hoping for.

Cough Cough...Sniffle Sniffle

Its been exactly one week since my last post. I apologize for my few but loyal readers. I was out 3 days last week for a training session for work. During this training, I came down with an infectious cold that many of my fellow bloggers also seem to be catching. I dont blame them though, I blame the bf. He had it a few days before me, but the flem in his throat and his sniffling nose didnt stop me from making out with him. Only the flu and bad breath can keep me away from those soft tempting lips.

So now for the past 6 days I have seen the progression of this icky cold. My colds always happen the same way.

Day 1: Wake up with sore throat.
Day 2: Wake up with sore throat and sniffly nose
Day 3: Wake up with sore throat and full congested nose
Day 4: Wake up with not so sore throat, congested nose, and a whimper of a cough
Day 5: Wake up with congested nose and occasional cough
Day 6: Wake up with congested nose and full on loud as a motorcycle cough

Thats basically where I am at this point. I tried extremely hard to not cough on the bus on the way to work this morning and it was torture. No one ever wants to be the sick one in a room full of people, so I held back my urge to sniffle and cough. Not only could I not breathe out of my nose, but my cough started to make me squirm in my seat. I could only last about 5 minutes before I let out my lions roar of a cough. Of course everyone looked at me with their faces lit in horror that they now are going to catch my cold. Because of this I walked around the bus and coughed and sneezed on each person. It was like a game of tag. Instead of saying tag you're it. I said tag you're sick. Hehe. Fuck off. I am sick, leave me alone.

I fortunately got to call of sick on Friday due to my airborne and highly contagious cold. So I got to sleep until 11 a.m. and then watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model on MTV for the next 4 hours. I now know how to walk down a run way like Ms. Jay. Well, lets be honest, I was able to walk like that before this show anyways.

Now its time for a little rant about MTV. Sure they dont play music videos anymore. That sucks. Sure they play reruns of the same show over and over again. But please God, if I see one more commercial with Alicia Keys I am going to cut off my ears then pry out my eyeballs with a shiny stainless steel spoon. I am by no means exaggerating when I say that they play a commercial with Alicia Keys in it at least twice per commercial break. Once in the beginning and just in case you forgot who she was, one at the end. This happened EVERY commercial break for 4 hours!!! Of course when the bf and I switched on MTV on Sunday to watch A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, there she was, Alicia at her finest, twice a commercial break. WTF MTV, you are making people hate her instead of like her. I will now not listen to any of her songs for at least 2 years. Good Marketing strategy idiots.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Stand Up for Your Man

This weekend I made the 4 hour trek to DC for last time for a while. It seems like every time I go down there I always get a in a really bad mood for one reason or another. It usually only happens once and usually it occurs at night. Well this time it occurred both nights. The first night we attended two house parties in better than average apts. You cant go wrong with free alcohol can you? Yeah actually you can. I quickly got over the house party scene when I found myself and my bf not really talking to anyone but ourselves. Gay men I feel are hard to talk to because the entire time you are chatting you know they are judging you and everything that is coming out of your mouth and I am bad at small talk anyways so that doesn't help.

The second night we went to see Armin Van Buuren at Ibiza nightclub. It was a very large beautiful nightclub. Coat check line was insane and expensive. $5 for someone to put your coat on a hanger is frankly outrageous. Next time I plan to freeze my ass off while I wait to get in the door. I decided not to drink that night mostly for the fact that drinks are $12 a glass, and I am saving up to buy the bf a nice b-day gift. So we danced in the over crowded nightclub. They let way too many people in therefore dancing consisted of swaying from side to side. Fun. I was doin my hardcore swayin when I noticed that the bf was getting into an argument with someone. I of course worked my way through the crowd to get to him and started to scream at one of the guys that were arguing with him. I dont know why I said what I said, I am guessing to scare him. I quote, " You are fucking with the wrong people tonight, I suggest you back off!" I guess thats the first thing that came to my mind. Although we did have 5 people in our group all who are pretty big guys. So I think he got the idea.

Later on in the night there was a another fight ensuing right next to my and the bf and I immediately got between the people fighting and him. I just wanted to make sure he wasnt going to get hit my a stray fist or push. I would have much rather taken the hit them him getting it. This reminds me of the day when I was in a fight and he tried to pull me away from the other guy. Well thats when I got punched in the face. I guess we have different ways of handling these situations. My reaction is to man up and defend my man, and his is to try to avoid confrontation at all costs. They both work, I like mine better.

New Job on the Horizon?!

Well I found out Friday that I have a job interview with the company I wanted to work for. So I will be spending this week doing alot of research on the job position. For those trivia gurus out there, I currently work in the 3rd tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh and the company I am interviewing with is in the tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh. Name those buildings!

I really hope this goes well. I am fairly decent at interviewing, so hopefully I can woo them with my background. I think the only thing hindering me is the fact that I am quitting thise job to go to that one and I have only worked here for 5 months. This new job will mean alot of things for me. I will get to stay in Pittsburgh. I will get to move out of my apt and away from my retched roommate which may mean I get to find a place to live with the bf! I will have more financial security cause it pays more which is always nice. But ultimately I will be able to hopefully start a long term career. No one likes jumping from job to job. I want a career that I love and that will fulfill me. Hopefully this will be that for me. That is of course if I get offered the job.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Bad Case of the Fridays

I was up til 2 am last night downloading music for my trip to DC today which has left me a huge pile of worthlessness. I cant do anything and my eyes keep fluttering in the attempt to shut for a quick little nappy nap. The only great thing about today is that I am leaving work at 1130. Woohoo!

I am pretty excited about this trek to DC. I messaged an old friend whom I was best friends with in my college that I attended 3 years ago before I transferred. He lives in DC near Capital Hill and that's where I will be staying. I haven't seen him since the beginning of the year so it will be nice to catch up with him.

Also, while on my commute to downtown this morning, one of my sisters called me. My relationship with this sister is odd, because we are the exact same age, but out of all my sisters I talk to her the least so I definitely thought something must be wrong since she is calling me at 7:45 in the morning. It turns out that she is also going to DC this weekend. She lives in Pittsburgh like me, so its odd that we are both going there for the weekend. I am hoping we can hang out and then she can finally meet my bf. :)

I am leaving for DC at 1:30 today! I am driving so I hope I do not fall asleep at the wheel which is quite possible with how tired I am today.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The White Stuff

It snowed in Pittsburgh today! It may have only of been for 3 minutes, but winter is definitely upon us. It happened during my 30 minute daily stroll through the city on my lunch break. As much as I hate snow, it allows for me to drink hot chocolate and be merry and jolly. In no time at all it will be Christmas. WooHoo!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Black & Gold

I would just like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers on kicking the Baltimore Ravens asses last night. Incase you missed the butt-whooping, the final score was 38-7. Victory is so fun isn't it?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hair, Hair, and More Hair

I finally cut off all of my hair yesterday. It started to get a little crazy so I decided to take the clippers to my head. And when I say that I cut it, I actually mean that I cut my own hair. I have all too many times received bad haircuts which I pay too much for. My mother used to be a hair stylist so after watching her do it for years I thought I would give it a try. I have been cutting my own hair for many years now. I usually wear my hair with that messy sort of spikey look. It worked for me, but I decided I was due for a change. You know, to keep Pittsburgh on its toes. I was a little nervous though cutting it so short. The bf feels the need to constantly remind me that my hair is getting a little thin. All the men in my family are bald. Grandpap is bald, all of my uncles are bald, and my older brother is definitely losing his hair. Its only a matter of time before people start to rub my bald Buddha head. So after enough ridicule from the bf I finally made the big step and purchased a bottle of Rogain. I used it for the first time today. Not only is this shit expensive, but it smells pretty bad too. It says it takes around 2 months before you start to see results, and frankly, I am someone who likes to see immediate results, so we will see if I can keep this up.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tastykake Donuts & Sour Stinkers

Today sucks. My buddy/cubemate at work is not here today nor are half the people in my office. The only positive thing about not having people at my work is that I get to go and sit in their offices that overlook the entire city of Pittsburgh. We are two floors from the top of our skyscraper building so it makes for quite a view. Its also nice because on one side of the building I can look at Heinz Field and PNC Park or I can look out another window for the view of the city.

I have not done one ounce of work yet today. I have no ambition when no one is here. This makes for time for me to read blogs and find things to do in other cities. Holy Crap. I almost forgot. Today doesnt fully suck because one of my websites that I frequented that had been blocked a few months no longer blocked. Perez Hilton has once again entered my life on my 14 inch work laptop screen. This made my day. It just isnt the same visiting his site on my little blackberry screen.

I have been eating the same lunch all this week and I stocked up on all the same lunch foods for next week too. Nothing to me is better than milano cookies, tastykake chocolate donuts, a bag of pretzels, and a Bowl Appetite *Which is amazing for only $1.50 at your local Target. I am bound to get tired of this lunch by Tuesday. That sux.

At the gym yesterday some gym-goer was pooping their pants as they pumped iron. I would be on my 3rd rep of my preacher curls and all a sudden some sort of funktastic poo smell would overwhelm me . It was so bad I would look around to see people gagging. Which of course made me start gagging. It was that bad. Some fuh reek was queefing an abnormal, sour, poo laced stinker from his/her butt. Naturally you would move to a different end of the gym to remove yourself from the stinky cloud of musk. It would be fine smelling the natural smells of the gym. Hot mens sweating in their manly jockish outfits. The natural smell of testosterone is quite enjoyable sometimes. But somehow this aroma filled the gym. People were looking around trying to pin point the anti-glade plugin, but somehow they disguised themselves as a regular person. Asshole. I think it was the angertwink in the corner. You would never guess it was him. Good disguise. If your ass drops something in your underwear in the gym, at least you can own it. Say "Thats right motherfuckers, that came from my ass!" Be proud of your bodily air. Good or bad. Its only fair.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Please Live In Me!

That's what the loft said to me as both my bf and I said as we entered the new apartment we were looking at. It was quite the little haven. It was very big, huge ceilings, decent kitchen, and heat and A/C are included in the rent. Now if we would so happen to move into this place it would be $100 cheaper then the asking price. Thanks to my negotiating skills of course. $1100 for a 2 bdrm loft in a trendy and hip part of Pittsburgh with free off street parking is quite the steal.

Now what sucks about this whole thing is that we both went into this basically just to check things out and have fun. We both decided that it is not the smartest thing to move in together yet. Mainly for financial reasons but also because we dont want to make the mistake of moving in together too soon. He feels that once he moves in with someone that they basically are married. I sort of agree, but for me I never think of it being that extreme. Even if I were married I would act the same way. I am dedicated to someone even if there isnt a ring on my finger. But I definitely understand his point of view. Its just nice to think about being able to see him everyday and wake up next to each other every morning.

This also reminds of a conversation I heard over the weekend about people being clingy. I never thought about it much, but I think I am definitely clingy. Which is very much a bad thing. I am not sure what makes a clingy person clingy, but I am sure that I am. Poop.