Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been trying to find a new job in Pittsburgh for many months now with no luck whatsoever. Its not that there is a total lack of jobs in the area, but a lack of entry level jobs for recent college graduates. This had led me to make a decision that I will be dreading when and if the time comes. I will have to make a decision to move out of the city and into another one. I think I have narrowed down my choices as to where I will be applying for jobs come the last day in February. The locations chosen for possible residency include: Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and Denver. I would be leaning more towards DC with Chicago coming in 2nd. This is a rough decision for me to make though. I really didnt want to move out of Pittsburgh, more so now than ever. I really like it here. I have friends, family, and familiarity here. I dont really have that anywhere else.

I told the bf about my recent revelation and of course I am sure he is not too happy with it either. But there is in fact a relationship that will most likely not survive something like this. There are only two options for us if I should relocate. We would break up or he can follow me where I go. The main problem with this, we have only been in fact going out or 7 and a half months. It would be hard for him to sacrifice everything he knows to follow someone he has only been dating for that long. And I wouldnt blame him for not wanting to if he made that decision. I would not want him to blame me if he was unhappy wherever we would move to. This would have to be a big decision he would have to make on his own. Obviously, I would want him to follow me, but I would never actually ask him to do so.

I refuse to do long distant relationships because there is no way it would work for me. So I guess we will cross those choppy waters when we get there, but for now it is just one more thing to add to my already overflowing plate of stress. So I now have 1 month to find a job in Pittsburgh. I have a few options which I have yet to explore, but I still see a dreary outlook for this. I am trying to keep my hopes up but I still am trying to see that in the near future things could possibly drastically change for me.

That scares me.


read me said...

You're looking for a new job at the worst possible time. With a looming recession, no one is hiring.

So best of luck.

jay said...

You simply have to do what's best for you.

But the job market right now isn't that great as the previous commenter said.

With regards to the bf, that will sort itself out. focus on the job search!