Monday, January 7, 2008

The Return of the Grumpster

This weekend went pretty smoothly for me. The bf and I hung out all weekend deciding to stay in and skip the bars for 2 days. We are trying to slowly phase ourselves out of the "Scene" and focus on doing other things that don't require us both getting drunk and coming back to our houses smelling like an ash tray from being around 100 gay smokers. So we played it low this weekend.

He has noticed that I have been sort of grumpy lately and have sort of been taking it out on him. I try not to, but I am so stressed out about my job situation that it just sort of happens that way. Sometime in the near future, I am going to be shipped out for good to somewhere in the United States for my job and I don't want to go. It would be a permanent move, one of which I cannot take. That's my main reason for my job search currently. I still haven't heard back from the company I interviewed with, therefore I have basically determined that I didn't get the job. This has been weighing on my heavily, and has left me with a black cloud over my head. I know it could be worse, at least I have a job right now, but there is a chance I can be jobless for a short period of time. I applied for 4 jobs today, none of which seem to excite me, but I know right now I need to get my butt to stay in Pittsburgh. That's the ultimate goal.

Because of this, I ended up actually yelling at him and I even used the "F" word on Sunday. Which to all the people that know me, knows that I hate the word "fuck". But I used it, and apparently I used it twice during my onslaught against the bf. He didn't deserve it, but I was in a bad mood. It was all over picking out somewhere to eat lunch. Stupid argument. What he doesn't know however, that he sort of put me in a bad mood earlier that morning when he did something sort of sneaky. He was looking at a website when I walked into his room after I was done getting ready for the day, and as soon as I entered he quickly attempted to close the browser window which before he closed it, I saw. Shortly after that he made sure to clear the history and cookies from his browser. The website he was on, would normally not be a big deal if I saw him on it. But the fact that he tried to hide the fact that he was on it, makes it seem to me that obviously if he doesn't want me to see he was on it may suggest otherwise. I completely trust him and know he would never do anything to hurt me, but doing stupid stuff like that does push a few buttons in my head. I didn't bring this up to him, because I really don't feel it was a big deal, and didn't feel the need to possibly embarrass him. So I kept it to myself.

It sucked that day too, cause since he called me grumpy the previous day, I woke up in a good mood and wanted to stay in that mood for the day. Obviously that changed. So after eating at Pittsburgh's only real gay friendly restaurant, the day started to go a a little bit better. I played the most amazing XBox game ever! The bf and I have been playing alot of 2 player games on his XBox 360 and Gears of War is our new obsession. I suggest it to anyone. The graphics on this game by far beat any other game I have ever played. So try it out! :)

On Sunday we went to look at a new apt to start our day off. I found this apartment a few months ago but it was priced a little too high for my liking. They were asking $1300 a month for it, but when it was recently re listed, it was only $990 a month. And for this apartment it was a steal. The apartment was absolutely amazing. Stunning views of the entire city of Pittsburgh as well as PNC Park and Heinz Field. We even agreed that for this apartment, we would live together. But at the end of the day, neither of us can currently afford to move out of our places and come up with almost $2000 before we can move in. I just got done writing him an email that said that that its better that we dont rush into things anyways. And that I would rather move in when we are both ready and not rushing into this big step which could end badly. So yeah. Thats my weekend.

Here are pictures of the apt.

Starting with the view from the balcony!

Living Room

Dining Room

View of Balcony

Master Bathroom

Downstairs Bathroom


vodka&crackers said...

Greetings from Ireland!

I don't know your boyfriend, but I'd say he doesn't hold a grudge, and if he does, an apology always goes down well.

As much as i hate this word, that apartment is absouutly fabulous!.

Drew said...

Good god - do you know how much that apartment would go for in New York?

I am green with envy right now. Sell a kidney, get a part-time job, do something - but get that apartment!

jay said...

OMG, I would totally move back to Pgh just to snag that apartment. 990? WOW!

What is the only gay friendly restaurant in Pgh and why didn't I know of this?

JBGBC said...

I actually lied. There are two gay friendly restaurants. The one I am referring to is the Square Cafe in Regent Square owned by two lesbos. The other one burnt down but is being rebuilt. This one is called Harris Grille on Ellsworth Avenue.

K said...

That is a beautiful apartment

vodka&crackers said...

Cracker here!
I very much agree with Sam (surprise surprise), that apartment is FABULOUS! You would be mad not to snatch it up!
As for the job scene, moving for the sake of keeping yourself employed will end up badly. Just keep at the interviews and
HOPEFULLY you will get something amazing. Did you explain to your boy why you are in such a bad mood? As a woman (hahahaha) I know how awful it is when you freak out at someone when it isnt their fault. =[
Good luck, soldier! :D


m00nchild said...

That price is ridiculously cheap for what you're getting -- said, of course, from a San Francisco where parking spots rent for $200/mo.

But that sink is the gayest thing I've ever seen -- except for the furnishings in my ex-boyfried current house.