Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gay As A Gladiator

Last night the bf and I watched the new American Gladiators show. I just have to say that not only is the acting as horrible as a high school play, but it is also as gay as a 7 foot tall drag queen. After 10 minutes of watching Hulk Hogan amateurly get through his corny lines, I knew I couldnt stand to watch this show anymore. However, the bf seemed to enjoy, and couldnt wait to watch the "Rings" portion of the show, where one person tries to climb across rings hanging in the air while another person attempts to knock them from their grasps by kicking and pulling at them. Its a highly homoerotic act especially when they grab one another with their legs and almost scissor each other while thrusting their bodies at one another all while making manly grunting noises. Yum!

None of the actual regular warrior people are cute though. Their over used steroid bodies are bulging muscles where ever possible. Their faces sunken in from throwing up that days eaten meals. Their legs are possibly the size of my chest and arms the size of my waist. I love muscle on my men but theirs are over the top. Even on the women its quite repulsive. See what I mean.

I am not sure how long this show is going to be on, but I hope not long. I don't ever remember it being like this back in the old days when I would watch it as a child. I am sure I wasnt worried about acting skill, but I think I would have remembered it being as corny as it is now. At one point, this is what one of the people said, " I'm hungry, I want to taste blood, I am going to eat you! Grrrr!" Who.the.hell says that!?

Also if you havent quite heard yet, one of the Gladiators past has been causing some controversy. Known as Militia on the show, he was known as Alex Castro, COLT star front man who did some gay modeling and gay porn for all the little homos across the land.

So I am assuming that the viewership is going to be quite diverse for a show such as this one. Females who like big muscly men. Gay men who like big muscly men. And "straight" men who are watching because there are "women" on the show. However, they lost my viewership as soon as I heard Hulk Hogan say, "How you doin Brotherrrr!?"

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