Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My god this day has lasted forever. I currently have roughly an hour and half before I can leave work and head to the gym. I have the worst headache of my life, and the 4 tylenol pills I took don't seem to be helping too much other than making me fall asleep in my cubicle.

Something quite gross happened today while I was visiting a restroom. I was holding my penis taking a pee at a urinal when another man came to urinal next to mine and started to pee. No big deal right. Well, everything was fine until he let out the largest fart I have possibly ever heard. It literally rattled the floor. He says "Oops, sorry." Ok, not only did I almost die of laughter, but as I stood there completely mortified at this old guy sharting in his pants, I started to smell his rank ass air. So I am trying to push the pee out of me as fast as I could so I could get the hell outta there to return to the world of fresh air. I finish, wash my hands while trying to avoid any awkward eye contact what so ever. Accomplished.

Now dont get me wrong, I understand everyone has to pass a little gas every now and then. But not in front of a complete stranger at work. That is completely not acceptable with me. If you feel a little gassy, wait until I am gone to relieve yourself. If you are worried something might seep out, you wait!! Just sayin.

I can now never look at that man the same ever again. I feel bad for his wife. :(

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That Guy said...

OK, so I know it's kinda sketch to post on older blog posts but I could not resist after reading this classy jem.
Found your blog from Jay's. Just got done catching up on your older posts, neat stuff.
Thanks for breaking up the monotony of taking finals.

P.S. The post of you with blond hair...well your bf is a lucky man. ;)