Monday, November 24, 2008


For those queers who have watched the show Queer as Folk, they should know that it is set in Pittsburgh. Where I gloriously live. However most people know that that show was actually filmed in Toronto and not in the Burgh. So does the show accurately depict gay life in Pittsburgh? Not really but sort of.

And here is why.

We do have the gay street known as Liberty Avenue. It is in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh, and has the plethora of culture such as art galleries, food, and stores. And of course, gay bars. In fact they are 6 of them on this street. This may seem like a lot, but 4 of 6 of the seven are complete dive bars. They are rarely occupied, and the people who visit these bars are generally looking for one of our finest tranny hookers who can always be found wondering up and down Liberty Ave in the late hours of the night. There is technically only 2 gay clubs in Pittsburgh. Both which suck enormous cock. There is Pegasus, which is actually located on Liberty, but is stationed in a basement of a building, and is known for its twink-tastic patrons. If you like the 18-20 crowd, popped collars, and A&F cologne, this is your place. Then we have the Pittsburgh Eagle. This place has potential, because it is in fact 4 floors. But their bad sound system, lighting system, and dj, make the place a big stinking turd. I havent visited this place in several months because most people who go here are the average age of 50. Which is not really my style. No hate though.

We do have our gay neighborhood though. Shadyside which is right outside of Pittsburgh is probably the most expensive place to live around Pittsburgh so Doctors, lawyers, and other rich people habitat here. For some reason or another though, gay people flock here as if it were the last place to sell lubricant. This is where the two hottest and most hip gays bars are. On Ellsworth Avenue, 5801 and Spin are the Friday night hot spots. I can usually be found at Spin. It is non smoking and plays the best music for a lounge.

Overall, we do have a good number of gay bars here. I can think of roughly 13-15 bars. But as I said before, most of them are hole in the walls.

Now in regards to the city being gay accepting and tolerant, well you arent going to walk down any street in broad daylight and find two guys holding hands although I have seen this happen 3 times in my neighborhood of the North Side which apparently has the 2nd highest gay occupancy in the city. But, generally people are at least tolerant. I have never heard someone yell a gay expletive or use the gay F word hatefully.

We do have one bathhouse too. It is called Club Pittsburgh. And I dont think I know anyone who goes there, because, lets face it, its a little gross. And I do judge you! Just kidding. But seriously, its a little gross.

And lastly do we have our own gay diner. Sadly, no. We do have a lesbian owned restaurant called The Square Cafe, which is awesome, but it is about 15 minutes outside of the city so I cant necessarily say it is like the one in QAF which seems to be centrally located.

So the show and the city do have their similarities, but dont come to Pittsburgh expecting to dance in a club like Babylon, unless you want to go to one our several awesome straight clubs. You can come, be comfortable, and have fun though. And if you need a place to stay, my couch is always available!


Jay said...

Very good look at Pittsburgh.

In my 2+ years there I never really made it to any of the bars on Liberty except for peeking in this year during the Pride Street Party (which btw was awesome and much fun).

I have been to Pegasus a number of times but quickly grew tired. Once I moved to Shadyside I spent most of my time out at 5801.

Spin opened while I was still living there but I have yet to check it out. I will probably do that as I'm planning a trip back to Pgh sometime in March.

I do agree that Pgh is an amazingly tolerant city, as I think I've commented before. If Pgh was to officially crown a gayborhood it absolutely has to be Shadyside. Just do it already!

Many of the straight clubs are pretty awesome but I wouldn't exactly go dancing with a guy there. Although I did do that once at Firehouse Lounge and no one seemed to care.

GumbyGuy said...

Excellent description of Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know why you think Club Pittsburgh is gross. Have you ever been there?

Edro Edro said...

Sounds like Cincinnati.

tony ruiz said...

I'm glad you think The Eagle DJs are a stinking turd. Tell me again how many Pittsburgh DJs go to NYC, Los Angeles, and Provincetown to guest DJ? How many Pittsburgh DJs have completed commissioned label remixes for The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani? .. potential indeed.

DJ Tony Ruiz