Friday, November 14, 2008

Google Street With A View

I have been seeing this story all over the blogosphere as well as in national news, so I am finally speaking up. I live only a few streets away from good ol' Sampsonia Way. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, there is a project called, Street With A View, where some peeps called Google and said, "Yo, we want to stage something cool and hip on this run down street in the North Side of Pittsburgh, where this cool blogger named Jeff lives nearby, and roughly 5 people get shot a week around here, but we are gonna stage a bunch of random acts on the street, so that you can come and put it on your Street View on your site, wanna do it?" And they apparently said yes. And seriously, 4 people were shot last week in the same day in my neighborhood. Wanna come visit?

So anyways, there are some mad scientists, a marching band, sword fighting, and a rock band, as well as some other crazy nonsense. Check it out.

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Jay said...

Um wow. That's insane. I never spent much time on the North Side, there was this one gay bar I went once or twice. Can't remember the name though.

I have been to the North Shore many times though! :)