Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can't Move

I started going to the gym tow days ago, and I didnt realize how much strength I had actually lost. I dropped roughly 30lbs of weight on the bench from what I was last doing at the gym. Its crazy on how fast muscle goes away within a two month period.

I tried to take it easy my first two days back because I didnt want to be incredibly sore, but it is hard to limit yourself. So of course, I am sort of miserable. I cant straighten out my arms enough to even put my arms on the top of my steering wheel. My back feels as though it has been trampled on by 10 very muscular, hairy chested, and cute, football players. Cause thats how I would imagine my back feeling if that ever happened.

But now, full steam ahead into working my ass off in the gym. I am trying to figure out what my routine will be. Its hard when you have a ton of new machines and some that are not there that I wish were. I should have all that figured out by next week though. I hate wondering around the gym looking like an idiot.

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Jay said...

New gyms suck, don't they? The gym I just joined is crap compared to the ones I used to go to in Pgh (X-Shadyside) and New York (NYSC).

It's not even open on weekends where I live!