Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

One the day after one of the most important elections we will ever face, I am pleased with the outcome. I am pleased that Obama was able to reach into the minds and hearts of Americans and woo them enough into taking a chance. Anytime a candidate is elected, a chance is being taken. But with Obama, I believe a bigger chance is being taken. He doesn't have all the years of experience, but he spoke a good game. And now hopefully he can back up everything he said. I have faith in him, and hope that he will provide America with profound change.

With such a great victory comes great sadness however. In Arkansas, Florida, Arizona, and California, opponents of gay adoption and marriage have flooded the polls and they have imposed their christian values on everyone. Their values which are supposed to preach love and acceptance, have been distorted and now preach against tolerance and equality.

It makes me sick to think about all the gay couples that got married, and how they can now throw away the marriage licenses they were once given to show that they like every other couple, deserved to make a commitment higher than any other. In California, at this time, all of the votes are not yet tallied, so Prop 8 has not passed as of yet, but it appears that it will. California was hope for every gay teen and adult in America and across the world. It was hope that was giving every gay person a glimpse into what the USA could be one day; A country where equality is more powerful and important than ignorance and intolerance.

Voters have shown that for the time being, prejudice shall succeed. These times though, will change I am certain with every passing year. As people become better educated and gay people are shed in a brighter light, acceptance will rise. It pains me that some gay people will never see that time though.

Lets mourn our losses within the civil rights movement in GLBT culture, but lets not forget our huge victory of putting someone in the White House that will help America and will finally fight for us.

Change is coming.

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