Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Now I know where all of your dirty little minds went when you saw the title to this post. You are all way too predictable. But no this has nothing to do with the type of pumping you are thinking of. This has to do with pumping iron. After not going to a gym for 2 months, I have finally joined another gym. I have decided to join Gold's Gym which was just built less than a year ago in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Free parking, cheap fees, and a huge facility are what persuaded me.

There are so many great things about this I dont even know where to start. Somehow, I got my boyfriend to join with me. Don't ask me how, but I did. So that is amazing. I have never really went to the gym with someone other than myself, so it will be great to always have a spotter and have someone there to keep me going when i dont want to. Also at this gym, is possibly the biggest beefcake buffet I have ever seen. There is enough meat to feed an army there. Gorgeous guys everywhere! I cant wait to spot them naked in the shower then go home and do my man like real men should.

I am thrilled to get my ass back into working out. I have actually missed it. Since I lost my 10+ lbs of muscle since I stopped going, I have started to look like one of those malnourished kids you see on infomercials. And let me tell you, that is not the least bit dick hardening. So my goal is to gain 7lbs of muscle by the end of the year. And I think this is doable.


Jackdaw said...

So, if you do know what's on you reader's minds... where is that 'before' picture, so we can compare with the 'after' picture at the end of the year?

You can keep your underwear on if you insist :P

Jay said...

LOL. I actually started working out again today myself. Being honest, I do kind of prefer working out by myself because I can do my own thing but a workout buddy can keep you motivated.

This guy from work (total hottie but str8) actually wants me to work out with my during lunch daily so hopefully you won't be the only one gaining some muscle (at least given the look of him lol).