Friday, November 7, 2008

No, Actually I Have A Boyfriend

That was my response to 2 women who confronted me as I walked into a mall to grab some lunch today.

I was holding the door for the two young ladies to come out of the mall as I was walking into it, and one of them said "Please tell us you dont have a girlfriend", and then immediately after that the other one said "You have to have a girlfriend, you are way too good looking to not have one". Being a little stunned and caught off guard a little, I had to think of something to say. "Umm, are you joking?" They proudly said "No, No, No, we are trying to find this one, *Girl 1 points to Girl 2, a boyfriend. She needs a man, BAD!" So I laugh, and look around to find 3 random strangers listening to this conversation now, and I lean and give them the bad news. "Ladies, luckily I dont have a girlfriend! Sadly enough however, I do have a boyfriend." I stood back and waited for them to throw their cigarettes at me to burn my homosexual eyes out, and instead they throw up their hands to give me a high five.

They then start telling me about their single Russian gay friend Vladimir who is very manly and muscular. They obviously know how to get my attention. And they then ask if i do threesomes. :) Sadly I dont. They ask me if I have any pictures of my boyfriend and I have a few on my phone. After I show them they both agree that he is one hot Italian Mo. They then tell me how open minded they are and how they love the gays. Sort of weird, but they then tell me that they kiss from every now and then, and then actually kiss right in front of me and in front of these other strangers who are still trying to not look like they are listening.

Long story short, they wanted me to kiss them both on the cheek and they wished me good luck with my relationship. It definitely makes a gay man feel good when women hit on them not knowing they are gay. Little things like this let me know I still got a small hint of masculinity in me. It made my day. And it doesnt hurt that they were pretty hot themselves. I could of had me some hot woman pussy tonight. Yum.


Anonymous said...

I don't even remember the last time I last commented on your blog but I do remember you had no pics of yourself. After glancing at a few, I see why the fine ladies were attracted to you.

You still have the manly man in you. Be proud of that :).

Jay said...

LOL. It's weird, I've started to think that I'm pretty obviously gay by now.

But then I still tend to get hit on or get the eye from women sometimes and some of my friends' friends claim they didn't know I was gay until told.

Shrug, I guess we always see ourselves through different eyes than other people.

I am surprised that all of this happened in Pittsburgh in public. The kissing I mean.

I am definitely not surprised that they didn't throw their cigarettes at you, Pittsburgh is a very liberal city, although I've never really left Shadyside, Oakland or Downtown.

No clue about the 'burbs. I do miss it sometimes though.

Brettcajun said...

Ha ha. That's a good story. My 20 year class reunion is this Saturday. I am contemplating how much info I should reveal about myself.