Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Something Every Parent Should Watch

Here is a movie that will be shown on the channel Lifetime based on a true story called "Prayers for Bobby". This should be shown to every parent who doesn't accept their children for who they are. This should also be shown to every parent who does to see why it is so important they continue to support their kids.

My boyfriend's parents could definitely benefit from watching something like this. They do not accept my his homosexuality therefore he doesn't have the opportunity to ever introduce me to them or even talk about me. It is quite a shame that someone's own son has to tell lies and leave a very important part of their life out of every conversation.

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GumbyGuy said...

Oh I think you're gonna cry at this one! ;-) (And that's OK!)

But thank God my parents turned out to be alright, or evolved to get there about the gays!