Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hospital: Round 1

In about 30 minutes I am leaving work to go to the hospital to meet my my Endocrinologist to finally get things rolling on my complete Thyroid Ablation. Now that I have insurance that will pay for the full treatment which will cost thousands of dollars, I can finally get this done. I am hoping to schedule the radiation treatment in the middle of January. I am not looking forward to this at all, because, through the advice of my doctor, I shouldn't be within 5 feet of anyone for 10 days. Eeek! I have never been away from the human population for so long. So during this time, I am going to hang out with my enemies for long periods of time, and hold and snuggle with the cats that live in my house. Just kidding.

I plan on getting lots of movies, some books, tons of snacks, and hopefully an XBox will be readily available for playing. I dont think I will be more bored in my life than during this time. I have already notified my boss that i will be missing 10 full days of work which is possibly the only exciting thing about this whole thing.

My biggest concern about this is the post surgical weight gain. Because one's thyroid basically controls your metabolism, my metabolism currently is extremely fast causing me to never really gain weight. I have been roughly within the same 10lbs for the past 10 years of my life. And I eat like a cow. After this treatment, I hear horror stories of people gaining 45 lbs within just a few months. Yuck. I couldn't imagine looking 45lbs heavier. This obviously means that I am going to start watching what I eat and working hard in the gym.

Adios Amiga's!


Jeff Guard-Editor GPL said...

good luck and sending you tons of positive energy! Get well soon and I hope it all works out well.

Very Best Wishes.

GumbyGuy said...

Wow. Can I send some ppl over?

Craig said...

Good luck!