Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I finally saw the movie "Milk" last night and here is what I thought. Well, because I crying for half of the movie, it might be hard for me to give a complete accurate review. But I can sum up this movie in one word...amazing. i don't think I have ever been moved so much in a movie. At the end I was trying so extremely hard not to start sobbing. We all walked out of the movie, and I couldn't even talk about it because I would've started crying again. So what does this make me? A big blabbering baby, yes I know. But sometimes things really get to me.

It was very hard to watch that whole movement during the movie without feeling something. Being a big queer myself, i am sure I took things away from that movie that straight people did not. I couldn't imagine what it would be like living in a time where you got arrested just being for gay or being in a gay bar. What striked me even more so is just how far in my eyes we really haven't come since then. People still can lose their job for being a Mo, such as my boyfriend, people still get gay bashed, and in other countries, it is still illegal to be gay. If we had more people like Harvey Milk, I wonder what could happen for us. Because I tried to think of one gay person who is making huge changes, and honestly it was hard for me to come up with one who really stuck out in my mind.

I wonder how things would've been different if that "good christian guy with family values" wouldn't have shot and killed Mr. Milk. I wonder when gay people will be looked at just like anyone else. I hope it will happen in my lifetime. I hope that our country will see that it is not healthy to tell other people how to live their lives. I wonder if I will truly see the country that Harvey Milk envisioned.

I cannot express enough how everyone should see this movie. For people who hates gays, for people who don't understand what we are really fighting for, and for people who are unsure about how they feel towards gay people. I cannot wait to tell my parents to make sure they see this movie. I cannot wait to see this movie again, hopefully without all the crying. And I cannot wait to hear an audience member say what my sister said.

"That was possibly the best movie I have ever seen."


Jackdaw said...

Thanks, I'll go and see it very soon after reading this post.

GumbyGuy said...

It does not make you a big blabbering baby. I was touched by your reaction, and nearly wanted to cry myself seeing you. I think it's great to know someone who is moved, who has emotions, and is not afraid to show them. It's preferable to the cold-hearted, self-centered fannies I have let into my life. You know who I mean.

You go gurl! (snaps!)

Jeff Guard-Editor GPL said...

Beautiful, tender and honest post. It was wonderful to read. I agree with all of your sentiments.

Have you read Paul Monette's "Becoming A Man"? OMG, Amazing book, if you like the movie Milk.

VpO said...

I agree, awesome movie, very inspirational in a post Prop 8 world.

That Guy said...

Good review. Honest, which is good.
Here's to hoping that I can make the drive to see it. Central AL still can't show MO themed stuff I guess. :(

Oh and you posted about miniature dauchaunds? I've had one, she's 14 and worth it...even if they have a bit of an ego.

Kevin Roddy said...


I lived in San Francisco when all of that was going on...it was a tremendous jog to the memory. I was only 23 then, and was learning how to fight for our community.

I was one of those candlelit marchers. I really lost it when I saw that march - I had forgotten just how many people were there.

Us older guys and gals started something - and it's time for you younger ones to take over - gay kids around the globe look to the US.