Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yep. You heard it hear first kids. Someone was dumped. Left on the side of the road, and left to fend for themself. Boyfriends suck sometime, especially when they break up with you. Thats why I feel bad for two of my sisters whom just got broken up with by their boyfriends. Two sisters, two breakups, 6 days apart. Both completely unexpected. Sad really. These guys seemed nice. One was cute, the other, well, not so much. My sisters are gorgeous so they will have no problem finding someone else. But that never matters when your heart gets broken. What a lonely place that is. You feel pain that is the worst pain in the world, and you feel like no one has ever felt that same pain because it hurts so bad. This is the time family and friends need to be there more than ever.

From experience though, for me its best to move on as quickly as possibly. Indulge yourself with someone who's better looking and better in bed. Soon, that pain goes away and you stop being so damn angry at the asshole who broke up with you. Even though my method probably isnt the best, it works really well.

Because out of all my siblings my two sisters and I were the only ones dating people, I am hoping it isnt a curse and I am next in line. There is apparently no signs or things to look out for to predict it is going to happen. So I will be on my best behavior for a while because I am not really in the mood for a breakup.

So tell me, how do YOU get over a breakup? What are your methods? Ice cream? Shopping? Pity Parties? Anonymous Sex? Go ahead tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of comedy. Be it in the form of shows, movies, or stand-up works well for me since it lightens my attitude and encourages me to move on.

Although tempting, anony sex is really not the greatest idea after the fact.

I wish your sisters a speedy transition to single life and for you to keep yourself together with the boy.