Friday, December 5, 2008

Ohhh Christmas Tree

Tonight is the last celebrated day of my boyfriends birthday. His actual birthday was last Sunday, but I am finally taking him to dinner with just the two of us. I am taking his bubble butt to Kaya. One of our favorite restaurants in the Burgh. After we indulge ourselves in Caribbean cuisine, we are heading back to his place to be good Christian boys who have anal to put up a Christmas tree. And decorate that big hard piece of wood with tacky tinsel and cheap bulbs and fake icicles.

I actually look forward to this every year. it makes me sad because I am not able to put a Christmas tree at my house because the 3 cats would tear that thing to shreds. Its a shame too because I have huge windows that overlook our street that it would look absolutely fabulous in. Anyways, these sort of holiday things actually make me happy. This is all due to my mom making a big deal about this stuff when i was growing up. She would turn on Christmas music, make hot chocolate, and have all of us kids help decorate the tree. I loved it. So I now still want to do those same things. I want to turn on Christmas music, make some hot chocolate, but with Kahlua, and decorate the tree with my hubster.

I already know what Santa is bringing him for Christmas other than me naked with a big red bow. He is only getting one thing this year unlike last year where i spent way too much money on way too many things. But money is tight, so Santa is trying to conserve. And I told the bf already what I want. I either want an XBox 360 or a nice new watch. I've been eyeing up some pretty fab Burberry watches. Or both if he wants to spoil me.

What holiday traditions do you have?

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Stephen Chapman... said...

Just found your blog by change and love it!

The Wordal entry has inspired me!