Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the Scene

I am one of those gays who you could say are in the "scene". I enjoy going to bars and clubs and having a good time. I get upset when people think negative about people who do this. I don't judge you because you sit at home and play a make believe life on the Sims, so don't judge me because I am actually experiencing a real one. But for those gay people who are in the scene in Pittsburgh, know that our scene sort of sucks. We have not one good club in this entire city where we can go and dance with our boyfriends under high ceilings and good lighting. Well, until now. Possibly the nicest nightclub in Pittsburgh, called Privilege or as most call it, Prive, has now just surprised the gay community with a bombshell by making Saturday night its official gay night!

This makes me quite excited. It makes me happy that I can finally go to a club in Pittsburgh and actually be excited to go. I know this is going to do great.


Gary said...

Don't feel too bad, there is NOTHING around here for the gay nightlife!

JD said...

You don't like the Eagle? I didn't discover it until right before I left Pittsburgh, but it was a roomy bar with a dance floor (for Pittsburgh, anyway), and the crowd was a nice, diverse mix of young and old, white and non-white, bear and twink and everything in between.

Jay said...

No way! Are you serious? That's awesome and I'm sure it'll do awesome.

It's about time. The gay club market in Pgh is pretty much untapped.

Now I can't wait to check it out on my next visit to Pgh in 2009.