Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Party

Ya'll wanted to know how my work X-mas party went, so here it is. I wish I had some amazing story to tell you of people being assholes or wanting to be my new fag hag but honestly I dont have much of a story to tell. On my way to the party I was still trying to figure out how i would introduce the boyfriend. Should I say, "Hi, this is $&@!%, my boyfriend/partner?" I wasnt sure yet. But soon after walking into the party, I realized I wouldnt have to introduce him with any label what so ever. I decided that if they want to know who he really is, all they have to do it ask. So I just introduced him by his name. And that was it. And honestly, some people figured it out, and others may or may not have. But as I would've hoped, no one seemed to mind. My boss as well as some other coworkers knocked back one too many, and their incessant talking and slurring of their words made it very obvious. But overall, I think we both had as good as a time as one can.

We had a sort of gift giving game thing which I ended up taking home the gift that i brought. But a nice fancy deep fryer will look fabulous in my kitchen whether or not it get used is another question though.

So yeah, even though I dont have an exciting story to tell, its probably better that way.


GumbyGuy said...

I think you handled that perfectly. Why should we have to specially ID someone?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for lil while and im glad to hear it went well for ya. This might seem weird for me to ask but do you have aim?

Anonymous said...

Glad to read it went that well! Wishing you guys many more parties together!