Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Do

My hairstyle has changed again dear readers. I cant really stick with one hairstyle for more than a few months, therefore on Friday, it changed once again. I now have nothing other than a Mohawk on my head. Yeah, I truly never imagined myself with one, and it doesn't look to bad either. However, this was not something that I wanted to actually have.

You see, I decided to cut my hair as I do every few weeks, so I got my clippers ready, positioned my mirrors in bathroom so that I can see both the front and the back of my head, got naked, and started clipping away in my bathtub. Then, I got a text from my friend which startled me and made me clip my hair way to short on the top of my head. So I either had to complete buzz everything off, or do something fun and make a Mohawk. You obviously know what decision I made.

I tried to take a good picture of myself with this rockin Mohawk but I cant take a good picture to save my life lately, so you only get the top of my head.

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GumbyGuy said...

Glad I could help! ;-)