Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

I get to leave work today at noon so that will be quite a treat. I am then going to plow my way through all of the rain and drive 2 hours north to my parents house where I will be camped out in front of the TV playing my new XBox for 3 days straight.

Going home for Christmas means 3 things for me. 1. I have to go to a Catholic Church with my mom. Dont worry though, I cover myself with garlic so I dont catch on fire upon entering. It has worked so far too. 2. No Internet. Yeah I know. I dont understand it either. 3. Waking up extremely early because my younger brothers get up at the crack of dawn and start wrestling and yelling.

3 days is my maximum time that I am able to stay at home before I start cutting my arms though. I get driven crazy by not being in my comfort zone flowing with gays, internet, and my snack food, and the smell of smog from the city. I do try to enjoy my time with the family though. I usually can be found playing various board games with my brothers. Because of this fact, thats what they are all getting for Christmas. I got the new monopoly that doesnt have monopoly money it in, but credit cards, with a credit card machine that does all the transactions so you dont have to use your brain to do it. And then I bought the classic game of Clue. Who doesnt love that shiz. And my other brother got a PlayStation game and a box of different manly shower gels and soaps because he is 15 and frankly he smells like ass. Hopefully he decided to use them for everyones sake.

OK, thats all I got. Be safe and have a happy Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holiday you may celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Monopoly and credit cards, that's actually very cool. Must check that out.

Ian J Brooks said...

Really nice blog! Im gunna add this to my roll

Nathan West said...

Wow, i didnt know about the credit card on monop.

Thats wicked, time has indeed change the way board games had been played traditionally, lol.

Have a good christmas and a great new year!!! Thanks for adding me in your bloglist, i am honored!!