Monday, December 8, 2008

Eeeew, You Want Me to Do What?!

I had a very interesting conversation while drinking at one of the finest hipster bars in the Burgh. It had to do with both rim jobs and blow jobs. Both activities which I enjoy partaking in heavily. However,my one friend almost seemed put off on these sexual acts. He said he would never give a guy a blowjob without a condom, even his boyfriend! I know, he's crazy, right?! And dont get him started on rimming either. He refuses to lick the almighty brown star of joy, and if someone gives his chocolate starfish a ride on their tongue, dont expect to kiss him for the rest of the sexual rendezvous cause he wont allow it.

Now I am not naive in the fact that there are lots of bacteria in both of those heavenly sent areas. But a good clean butt is just oh so tasty. This got me thinking about just how boring my sex life would be if I would refuse to give blowjobs or rim jobs. Since most of my foreplay involves these two things, that would only leave me with armpit licking and nipple biting. And those are only fun for so long.

Because I am a self proclaimed sex pig, I am basically willing to do anything once. Well let me be more specific, if you want me to do anything to you, I will try it. If you want me to pee on you, ok fine. If you want me to pass gas on your face while I sit in your rim chair, odd, but alrighty! Leather sling and matching harness, you dont have to ask me twice! I get off on pleasing my partner. In most cases, as long as he is enjoying it, I am enjoying it too. My man knows he can ask me to do just about anything to him because he knows I will almost never tell him no.

We all have our kinks. We each have those little quirks that just drive us wild. Some people are into scat pigs, and although I dont understand it, I say have fun with that, and dont forget to brush your teeth after you're done. I like rough sex with muscular guys with hairy chests, and to some people that is just as weird. But I will always be willing to please my man while inviting his kinks into our bedroom. After all, sex can get very repetitive, so its always nice to trying something bizarre and off the wall. Don't you agree?


Jackdaw said...

Certainly. Experimenting with new things together spiceds up your sex life, and let's face it: if you don't do that, you get into the some routine that will be boring for both.

I so recognized what you said about participating on your partners fantasies. You are a pleaser, like me. Doesn't it feel great to know that beside having your own pleasures, you can also very well enjoy your partners pleasures through him?

Blowing with a condom... the horror!
That takes away such an important part of sex that I much rather take the risk on getting an innocent STD. Or is that careless? (Of course I avoid getting cum in my mouth, unless it's a very steady boyfriend.

What's the weirdest thing you ever did to please another guy sexually?

That Guy said...

Though chaste as I am, I def. agree. Pleasing others- especially those who are close is important.

@Jackdaw-I also agree "the horror" and what would be the point? One might as well put a condom on a braut. and go at it.

So yeah your friend should "be adventurous" and eat out more ;)

GumbyGuy said...

Who is this friend?

Craig said...

I've never understood the condom blow job. Why bother? I'd rather no blow job than a condom blow job. And I don't mean that in an anti-safe-sex way of course. But seriously, just jerk me off instead.

Jeff Guard-Editor GPL said...

Sex is all about exploration and discovery. It's the chance to find yourself and experience all that pleasure. We share the same philosophy about sex.

I think what bothers me most is that people who enjoy sex are somehow made to feel odd, like we're called "sex pigs" because we enjoy connecting to that which is natural.

Thank you for your honesty. It's refreshing!

Jay said...

Oral sex with a condom is just....not pleasant for either person. Licking latex...shudder. With rim jobs, I only give them to boyfriends.

As for your friend who won't kiss someone who just rimmed him, if someone was comfortable enough to go down there on him, he should be comfortable enough about his own cleanliness to kiss them when they're done.

I too believe in pleasuring my man as much as possible but I do definitely have my limits.

That being said, I try my best not to judge anyone who does things past my limits because I'm sure there are ppl with less of a limit than me. Like your friend..

V.Jay Kendall said...

Your friend may be conservatively wacked out to refuse a blowjob without the rubber but I agree with his view on rim jobs. I don't see the joy out of it. I'll have to try it before I can form an educated opinion on it.

buffguy said...

blow job with a condom? what's the point.

I don't like to give rim jobs though. little bit of a germ-a-phobe. Although I will kiss the bf after he rims me now. had to work up to that.