Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That One

So did you watch the Presidential debates last night? If you did, were you able to stay awake throughout the whole thing? I was barely able to keep my eyes open it was so god damn boring. It was boring for so many reasons. First, they get asked the same questions. I have heard the same answer each time it gets asked. Let think of some more questions people. Secondly, allowing people of this caliber to have to answer a question with no rebuttal in under a minute is ludicrous.

Obviously, anytime you put a cat in the ring with a lion the cat is going to lose. McCain is a cat who has no chance of winning a debate against Obama. Barack is too articulate, too collected, and looks at ease on a stage. McCain is just old, decrepit, and his final days seem as though they are coming very near.

The polls show that Obama is in the lead by a wide margin. I dont think he can lose unless he screws up majorly. I think he knows this.

Congrats Mr. President Obama!

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