Thursday, October 30, 2008

Movin Up the Ladder

My boss called me on my phone yesterday while I was working on some orders, and he told me he needed to see me. I didnt think much of it. When I got to his office, was had some small talk and then he asked me to close the door and sit down. This is when I started to poo in my pants a little. Normally when a higher up wants you to shut the door, it usually means they want a blow job, or they are firing you. I began to sweat. he asked me how I liked my job and asked if I had any complaints about it or not. He then asked me if I wanted to continue to do it. I told him that it is not a job I want to stay in forever, but I am comfortable doing it. He then asked me if there was another job, that I was better suited for, and a step up from where my current position is, if I would take it. I didnt answer the question and asked him where he was going with the interrogation. He told me that a certain someone in my office wasnt doing their job very well, and that he called the customers that I do work with, to see how they felt about me. Apparently, they said I do a great job, I am quick, and if I say I am going to do something, I actually do it. So my boss offered me this other guys job! The other guy will either be fired or he will be demoted to do my job. How awesome is that!

So I obviously said yes to the job. Being I literally just started here 2 months ago, he wasnt able to give me a pay raise quite yet. He said when we would all normally get a raise, I would get a double one. And to save my ass just as a precaution, I asked if I could have that in writing.

So yeah, its crazy to think I already am moving up in my company right after I started. I guess thats from all my awesomeness!

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