Monday, October 13, 2008


This picture was made by some anonymous blogger and posted on an open forum here. It is interesting enough, that although, the picture was taken down, the typical user of this forum are conservative red neck Republicans, somehow almost endorse this picture rather then condemning it. It makes me sick to think about people like this.

Over the past few weeks, during McCain and Palin rallies, people scream "terrorist" and "nigger", and neither of them say anything about these comments. And up until today when I saw a video posted of McCain finally setting the record straight when a woman called Obama an Arab. I think both of them need to let their fellow republicans in on a secret. Obama is not a terrorist nor is he an Arab. He is an American.

I cant help but fear for Obama's life if he does indeed win the Presidency. Scary.


Jackdaw said...

"If" he does indeed win the presidency? You surely mean "when"... :)

Yep, I think the first months will be scary, but after that even the racists will be used to the new situation. I'm looking forward to it!

Dop said...

Sadly I think you have a point. While I would love to believe that Americans are beyond all this, clearly there are some who cannot seem to change.