Friday, October 10, 2008

The Night I Was In MTV's Real World

Okay, so I may never have actually been in MTV's reality show The Real World, but last night I had the opportunity to be "in" one of its past participants. Here is how it went down.

So yesterday, my friend and I decided that it would be a boys night out and that we would go out to the bars and have a few drinks. I normally never go out on Thursdays because it could interfere with Grey's Anatomy, and because I look like a tranny mess if I dont get a good amount of sleep. Its bad, ask my coworkers. So we decided to go out after I got done watching my show, and we go to the gay bar called 5801. We walk in and go on the outside patio and I immediately notice no other than Tyler from the Real World Keywest. He was the one who was not so nice to other roommate Svetlana. Now, I have to admit, I am a reality show whore. I cant help myself. But more than any other reality program, I have watched the Real World for the past 10 years of my life. I love it and it loves me. So, anyways, I notice him, and start flappin my hands in the air like a duck in excitement. This may have been the only time I have seen a "celebrity" in real life.

So there I am flappin away, and explaining to my friends who he is. The more I am noticing him though, I catch a glance from him every once in a while. It was the type of glance that said, "God, please let me have that mans penis inside me" He wanted it, I could tell. But my friends and I carry on our merry way at the bar, moving around to the different areas of the bar. It seemed as though the Real World bottom was following us. Weird. He is also so much more flamboyant than I remember. Definitely tranny material. Anyways, at one point he goes back outside on the patio and we stay inside. A few minutes later, we decide to go back outside and as we walk outside, he is pointing at me and saying "there he is, there he is" to his friend. I heard him and immediately began assessing what I was wearing and how I looked because no one wants to be pointed out for having a fashion faux pas or a booger hanging out of my nose. Neither would obviously be a good thing. A minute later he comes up to me, and says "I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that you are just so hot, and easily the sexiest guy here, and I want you to rim me raw." Seriously? Well I lied a little. He left out the rimming part, but I could tell he wanted it though. I graciously thanked him, and we introduced each other. But I obviously already knew who he was. But I let him believe I had no idea who he was. But inside, I was flapping like a duck again thinking OMG he is talking to me.

So we ended up talking for the next hour and a half, having a great time. The entire time though, people are pointing, and staring because they too recognize him. I asked him if it bothers him when people do that, and he explained that it most definitely did, but he understands it goes with the territory. A few people come up to him to verify if it is in fact him, which he does, and makes snide remarks about them after they have walked away. Sort of snotty, but I love it.

Long story short, towards the end of the night, he leans into me, and asks me if I would be interested in going back to his hotel with him. Which I gave him the "Sorry buddy" face and told him that I am taken and have a boyfriend. He got quickly embarrassed, and at the same time looked annoyed that, he just wasted the last hour and a half trying to get in my pants. He apologized for asking, and a few minutes later he left the bar, after telling me to add him on Facebook.

If I was single, I totally would have given it to him. He was a handsome young buck, and I wouldve done him, just so that I could tell the story. I wouldve gotten a great blog post out of it, and he wouldve had some great sex. Win win situation.

So yeah, it made my night, that he singled me out of every guy in the bar. Always a nice ego booster. Especially since I have been feeling really down on the way I look since I havent been to the gym in a very long time. But, young Tyler let me know that I am still doable. :)

Thanks Tyler!


Jackdaw said...

Wow, it's always nice to be special to someone. Indeed funny if it's someone famous, and nice if he's hot. Good to hear you're faithful to you bf!

"I have been feeling really down on the way I look"

Are you kidding!? You look very good.

Was Tyler really so much more interesting because you knew him from tv? Why (not)? Would you have talked to him that long if he were not a 'celebrity'?

JBGBC said...

I would not have even given him a second glance let alone a long conversation if it wasnt for his celebrity. Although, I have to say, he was quite funny, and someone that I wouldve been friends with though.