Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Against a Wall

Well I can finally close a chapter in my life that hopefully I will never have to go back to again. I, after 4 months of not being allowed in my own boyfriends house due to the fight with his best friend/roommate in Rehoboth, has finally come to an end. Yes, I am finally allowed back in his house. *Gasp* What a long and ridiculous journey this has been. It wasnt until ultimatums were inflicted by myself, and another one of my bf's roommates, that things finally got done. I got tired of the situation, and could no longer continue to deal with it.

Sadly, the best friend only decided to let me back in the house after being given an ultimatum from the owner of the house and fellow roommate. It wasnt until he was backed against a wall, that he said yes. I was coming back whether he liked it or not.

But as for the past, I am ready to put it all behind me. I have been ready for a long time. I am ready to continue to be with my boyfriend and not have other people tell us where and when we can see each other. I dont know if I am excited or relieved at this point, but i can say that I am happy that things can return to normal. Thats all I have wanted this whole time. Hopefully, I will never have to speak of this situation ever again.

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JUSTIN said...

I suggest celebrating by having really LOUD sex in your BF's bed.