Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Costume Dilemma

That wonderful time of the year is here when women get to dress up like sluts and their gay friends do as well. We will drink our faces off at costume parties and laugh at others costume attempts. But, this year, unlike others, I am having trouble deciding what I to do. I need two costumes you see, because one of the costumes that I have already decided isnt exactly the most appropriate thing to wear to my moms house. I have decided to go as no other than a scat pig. Yes thats right. Scary hunh. It is cheap and simple. I wear a black tshirt with iron on letters that say scat pig. I get some of the most luxurious Hershey's chocolate and smear it over my face, clothes, and hands. Envision two girls one cup, but without the girls. Yum. Halloween completed. Pretty fun I think.

I will wear this to the gay bars and such, because the gays will get it, and some will get hard-ons. But for clubbing and such I want something else. I have some ideas such as a cute soccer boy. I will find any reason to wear a jock strap. :)

Or a dead zombie prom king. Which by the way I actually won the prestigious title of Homecoming King at my high school as well as being nominated for Prom King but lost. Assholes.

But pretty much, I am just not sure. Any ideas?


Jackdaw said...

Gotta disappoint you: to my best knowledge soccer players don't wear jock straps. And why do you explicitly say "cute" soccer boy? I have no doubt that you will be a cute scat pig too.

Is there an unwritten rule about never doing a costume twice?

Where I live we don't have Halloween. :(

Smith said...

Interesting..! Almost everyone agrees that Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year.