Friday, October 3, 2008

Celebrate Pittsburgh

As most of you dont know, Pittsburgh is celebrating its 250th birthday this year. To help celebrate, they will be putting on the largest fireworks display ever held in this country. Zambelli fireworks is headquartered in Pittsburgh, so they are spending some big bucks to make this happen. Fireworks will be launched from 17 different locations simultaneously during the display. They will be launched off of boats, barges, bridges, and skyscrapers. This event takes place tomorrow, Saturday, and I am very excited to watch. Tonight, there is an Art gallery crawl all over Pittsburgh that is free to all attendees. I went to one of these last year, and I have to admit, they are quite fun. There are a few thousand people downtown that partake in this event, traveling to the 20+ galleries. How exciting!
I will be celebrating the Burghs bday with my best buds and my bf, sounds like a good time to me!

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