Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miscellaneous Chit Chat

I've had a bit of writers block this week so I dont really have the creativity to write an entire post on just one topic.

First things first. The weather in Pittsburgh. Ummm, well it sucks. Lets see what the beautiful forecast is for the next few days shall we...

Wow. Gorgeous next few days hunh? I cant wait to scrape the snow off my car at 7AM and stand in slush. Seriously. I cant wait. And considering I am on a heat strike in my house, I refuse to turn on the heat in my apt. Our heating bills are in excess of $400 when we use our furnace, so I am waiting as long as possible to turn it on again. So, you can normally find me like this.

Yep, with snacks scattered on across my bed while I watch horrible reality tv.

Secondly, Obama was in Pittsburgh yesterday and gave a speech at the soon to be demolished Mellon Arena. I sadly wasnt able to attend because I couldnt get out of work. But my boyfriend was able to wait in line for over an hour in the cold to see him though. I watched the speech from my computer. He called this speech his "closing argument". It wasnt anything different from what he has said in any other speech, and frankly I am tired of hearing either of the candidates speak. I want this election to be over, but I still want Obama to win of course. Which, with his double digit leads across the country, I think he is gonna dominate this election.

Lastly, My Halloween weekend was fun. My costume turned out pretty well. Although, my boyfriends was much more of a hit. I am a little jealous. We get to do it all again on this Friday. Now that I know how to do my makeup and what not, it will look much better. I will post pictures of everyones costumes next week.


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Nathan West said...

Lookin forward to costumes,and the make up~