Friday, September 5, 2008


Wow, did anyone watch John McCain's speech last night. Boy was that the most frickin boring speech I have ever heard. It was interesting to compare speeches at least on a linguistic scale. Obama and Hillary made incredibly well written and spoken speeches which were made for presidential nominees. However, McCain and Palin's speeches lacked that professional and powerful overtone. Sure, Palin made me laugh a few times, and kept me watching, but McCain literally put me to sleep. He almost looked uncomfortable on stage giving his speech because he couldnt look away from his prompter for more than two seconds or else he would mess up his next sentence.

And I have to say, if I have to hear him talk about his time in the military and how he was a POW, I am going to puke. That part of his life has no relevance to the presidency in my eyes. Sure, I am grateful for what he did, but it makes him no different a candidate than anyone else.

Lastly, obviously some people in my life cannot get over the fact that Hillary lost. They dont want to vote for McCain or Obama for various reasons. I just think if you were going to vote for Hillary, it just makes sense now to vote for Obama. Some people claim that he is making empty promises or that he has no experience. This is our opportunity to take a chance, and to give him a chance in return. No one can claim that he is making empty promises like every other politician because to my knowledge, he has never been President yet. We need to have faith in him that he will carry out his promises, and actually do what he says he is going to do. We need to give him the chance though so he can at least try.

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